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    Ratchet Block

    Thank you! Exactly the information I needed
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    Ratchet Block

    New Sunfish owner. My sunfish came with just a simple swivel block for the mainsheet, in front of the cockpit. It can be difficult to pull in the sail sometimes, and I was wondering if a ratchet block would be worth it? At $75 or so. Also would a block like that be able to just be set to...
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    tell tales

    I'm a new sunfish owner - sailed it 3 times. Any suggestions for tell tales (sp) or wind indicators for a sunfish - where to attach, etc
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    Wanted: Sunfish in southwest

    Thank you Alan. I just arranged to buy this boat, and we'll be meeting half way on picking it up. Wonderful!
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    How to find used Laser and Sunfish in my area - Southwest

    Thank you. I just bought a Colorado Sunfish from this site. We're meeting half way on transportation, so all is well.
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    How to find used Laser and Sunfish in my area - Southwest

    I've posted in your wanted sections on Lasers and Sunfishes. And looked at the listings. Almost all are in the north or east, and I live in the SW. Do you have hints or links where I might have luck looking. Strategies for finding what I want in my area? I'm presently at Elephant Butte Lake...
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    NEW MEXICO Wanted: Sunfish in southwest

    Looking for a good condition Sunfish in the New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, West Texas area. Serious buyer
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    1998 Sunfish Racing Sail Trailex Trailer Excellent Condition

    Have you sold your Sunfish yet?
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    Which daysailer to buy

    Thanks for your suggestion. Looks like a nice boat
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    Which daysailer to buy

    Hi. I'll be buying my first boat within the month- just rented RV space for several months in a resort on Lake Pleasant, just north of Phoenix. I've been sailing for about a year and half - Pensacola Bay, various Colorado Lakes - in club boats - Catalina 22 and J-22's. I'm quite comfortable...
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    Running jib sheets when solo sailing

    I'm an older guy, but pretty new to sailing. When solo sailing, in my case a J-22, does everyone run their jib sheets to the back and use guides and clutches in the back to control the jibs? That's how the Catalina Capris 22' were rigged in my last boat club. Now, I just joined a club with...
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    boat sharing clubs Gulf Coast

    Hello All, my wife and I live in an RV and travel the country. This fall and winter we are wanting to spend somewhere on the Gulf Coast, and we're wanting to take an ASA 101 and 103 class. No problem finding the classes. But we also want to find some boat ownership sharing clubs, as that...