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    1979 Sunfish restoration

    Try turning the boom around
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    Preventing a Waterlogged Hull

    Put a piece of tape over the bottom of the centerboard slot . When the boat is upright and air in going in draw a soap bubble over the centerboard slot and the mast tube.
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    New North Race Sail

    Using a roller fair-lead cleat and thimbles to get smooth moving multiple purchase, the masthead kit does not have the roller.
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    New North Race Sail

    Sail is set up with an adjustable outhaul. When going downwind I loosen the out-haul. When rounding the leeward mark, is there a reference on how much to re-tighten going upwind? Is it just by feel?
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    Mast tube repair

    Did you retest for leaks after you applied the resin? Are you sure the mast tube is loose? As others have said sunfish do not usually have issues with the mast tube. I would have leaked tested and gone sailing unless you put a big load on the mast. I would put a mast cleat on for the halyard to...
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    Tacking angle

    Signal Charlie is right, the race sails have power which builds speed for pointing. Are you roll tacking? The foil board helps a lot in tacking. The old boards would side-slip after a tack, the foil board hold the position much better.
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    Tacking angle

    Agree with Beldar and Signal Charlie. How old is your sail?
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    Questions on buying a boat and light repairs

    Liquid wrench, very wide blade screw driver and adjustable wrench to allow more torque on the screw driver. Don't just turn but work back and forth and keep applying the liquid wrench. The wrench is for extra torque but don't over do, use it to work back and forth. It took a while to lock up, it...
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    Best kind of cockpit trim?

    You can anneal the trim to bend it easier.
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    New Intensity Sail

    North race sails are white unless you get a worlds sail that would be colored. Thre has not been a blue and white worlds race sail.
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    New Intensity Sail

    LVM What color is the sail? Pictures?
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    New Intensity Sail

    Beldar is correct the leach should be tied with the same length line. Yes, the leach is going to hook. Sunfish | Starboard Passage better.
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    Fixing leaky mast

    Never had one sealed. Have always drilled a hole in bottom mast cap and let it drain.
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    Trouble Tacking
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    Two questions (hull layup schedule, deck drain plug)

    I would put a bailer in.