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    Vang Solution with a Deck Cleat Only?

    I will try some.
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    Vang Solution with a Deck Cleat Only?

    Pippins you were commenting you have your mast shimmed tight. Do you get much mast rotation that way? The group I race with uses thin plastic notebook covers as shims in the mast tube. It shims but allows good mast rotation
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    Vang Solution with a Deck Cleat Only?

    Agree with Beldar. Everytime you are adjusting the rig you are untying the rig from the boat and if you capsize in waves the rig could fall out. After the rig is cleated you tie the vang and cleat If you need to adjust vang you uncleat adjust and cleat.
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    Minifish Holds Pressure - but water gets in hull!

    I see you taped over the centerboard trunk. You should tape one side of the centerboard trunk and draw the soap film over the other side. To have water coming in like that it has be part of the boat that is in the water a lot like the centerboard trunk. I would also draw a bubble over the mast...
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    Vang Solution with a Deck Cleat Only?

    LostSailor for no mast cleat. Raise sail, halyard through eyelet and then cleat. As belar said the rest is the tail, so back through eyelet front to back, over gooseneck back to front, back to eyelet front to back, then to cleat. Your picture is putting a lot of force on the cleat and it can...
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    Drain plugs?

    In 1972, the DePersia bailer was replaced with the plastic bailer. The older bailer froze and didn't really drain well, so people replaced them. People were always loosing the metal plugs so the plastic with the attached plug was easier. When they come on the market they are expensive.
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    Removing sail clips?

    Found my old modified paper punch
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    'Racing' compass

    Wavedancer it looks like you can see the numbers in the picture from Beecool 44 The XP-98w looks like this with the numbers on the side
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    Deck/hull reattach

    What are you using for flotation and deck support?
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    Drying out a Sunfish.

    Dry air would be good but make sure the dehumidifier will be getting enough airflow itself. I prefer the volume of air method to dry out the hull. Some people use black plastic on the hull would be interesting to try.
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    Rudder Upgrade

    Can you take a picture of your parts, hull fittings? There are experts here who might notice something that needs adjusting.
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    Rudder Upgrade

    Do you have the plastic tube on the vertical bolt on the rudder? It doesn't work well without it.
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    Sunfish with Laser sail

    Have you had that out in any winds close to 20mph? That lower boom must flex a lot. Is your front sheet pulley attached to a line from the boom? Are you running the normal laser vang from the bow handle? How much purchase to you do you have.
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    Paddling/Motoring from canal out to lake

    Nice picture, boat looks very good for a 71. I would put a clip or a tie on the last grommet on the back of the lower boom. I would get a set of sheet hangers to hold the sheet up between the pulleys. The sheet is going to catch on you or your life jacket and you will be swimming. Also, tighten...
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    Please advise!

    Enjoy the new sail. It will perform much better than the old sail.