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    Capri 14.2 Mast Step Installation

    I refurbished my Capri last year, and found that the folks at Catalina are very helpful with suggestions. Happy Sailing!
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    Wanted: Main Sail

    If you haven't found a sail, check out 1Jsail1 "s post. I saw pictures of his sail and it is near perfect!!!!
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    Tightwad Bob - an affordable DIY mast float

    C Could this be used as a mast float, clamped to the top of the mast? it comes it different sizes...the one I am looking at is 8"X11.5" for $34. I am not real handy with tools? I would also like to see pics of the tightwad baby bob. :)
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    Sails for Omega 14 wanted

    1Jsail1, I don't know how to PM on this forum. could you please send info about the sail, color, etc? My email is I am in Colorado as well.
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    Remarkable Refurb

    Could you please tell me what you used for hiking straps and the size you got? I have a 1982 Omega Capri I am refurbishing and although it is work, it is lots of fun! Thanks!
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    Omega Capri cubby board

    I love the idea of a trunk organizer...but I think I will still need to cut some wood to make that bow area flat. When I get to that point I'll post pictures. I guess from what I am hearing, and also talking with Catalina, someone changed the cuddy before I got possession of the boat. What a...
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    Refurbishing 1983 Omega capri

    Thanks so much for your reply! Jim, that Barney post looks great! Thanks for the line measurements, that will really help. I am ordering all my lines. You are right, I don't want that mast falling, I've had that experience a long time ago, and don't want to relive it! I do remember mast...
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    Omega Capri cubby board

    Could anyone please give me the dimensions of a board that they have in their cubby so that I can put things to lay flat at the bow cubby? Thanks so much. I am thinking I can just cut it out of plywood.
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    Refurbishing 1983 Omega capri

    I am so excited about the possibility to get this boat back in the water, but sometimes I think I am biting off more than I can chew. So far, sail and rudder are in great shape, hull needs cleaning ----major! I ordered shroud lines and my boyfriend said he can make them, so we ordered the line...