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    Questions on used laser from newbie

    Of course I haven't looked in texas, I live in NZ. That's why I said "unless there is a shortage". Do you read things and not actually see the words or understand them?What are you, gouvernail's boyfriend - you don't want anyone talking to him? He openly encourages correspondence on two...
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    Questions on used laser from newbie

    As torrid says, it's going to be a case of best quality for the dollar. $US 1500 sounds plenty though. Apart from broken stuff, oxidised fittings and sun faded ropes, rips in yellowed scrunched sails, keep an eye out for "star cracks". When you see them you'll recognise them, even if you...
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    Questions on used laser from newbie

    Since you're a new guy to sailing, buy something that hasn't been abused and your potential boating experience will be 100% that much better. You might find '78 hull that's in good condition, but they're all getting a bit old now. Leaving a boat like a laser in a lake to the point of being...
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    Swearing at competitors

    Interesting to note, in the Moberg case, that his anger issues haven't stopped him getting to Olympic level - in a sailing skill sense. Anti social tendencies obviously don't stop a person sailing exceptionally well. Of course, any olympic committee isn't going to promote an angry olympian. It...
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    How much is a New Laser ???

    Y los libres del mundo responden: "Al gran pueblo argentino, ¡Salud!"
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    Ross Bennett's Olympic Dream

    Hey Ross, good to see you're continuing to record your progress with some encouraging blog entries. Is winter here and the winds for the past month have been in cycles of 30 to 60 knots, so no sailing for me.
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    Laser vs. Streak Dinghy

    My opinion, not having actually sailed a streaker, would be that the stayed rig makes far more difference than the wieght and marginally shorter length. Even in the Whisperer footage you can see the flatness of the main compared to a laser. I really don't think there's a case for equal...
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    Very slow upwind - possible reasons?

    First thing to do is relax. You're not the first to struggle and won't be the last. If you feel uptight before a race, do whatever you have to unwind - whatever you have to. If you get that tight knotted feeling in your stomach you're more likely to overtrim everything and hike harder to...
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    Are older Laser sailors Role Models?

    Politics has everthing to do with it. Nothing inflammatory about it. I don't like the attitde of everything is ok because [insert justification here] and that attitude comes from liberal quarters. That's the plain fact. It's not the fault of liberal minded people, it's just liberal minds being...
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    Not doing penalty turns?

    asking someone if they hit the mark is illegal under outside assistance rule. You either protest or you don't. You can only speak to other sailors if asserting your rights or comfirming a request for room. The obligations are clear. Either kids learn the rules or they don't. There is no...
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    How much is a New Laser ???

    LaserPerformance may well be the assigned supplier to S.A. but if they are refusing to supply their market for economic reasons, it may be possible to get the ILCA to switch the S.A. region to the Australian manufacturer/exporter: Performance Sailcraft Pty Ltd Performance Sailcraft Pty...
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    How much is a New Laser ???

    a company that is pursuing this business model is not interested in growing a market. It's a cost cutting exercise, resulting in lower overheads, higher profit margin. Establishing a new market is not a cost cutting exercise, it's an investment and requires a different model and executive...
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    Sailing Damage..

    On my boat the outer hole on the fairlead is bolted through the flange. Could be an easy upgrade to look into.
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    Rolling your sail around the mast

    Never done it myself, but thinking it through it should be ok, if a little unweidy, for the short term - couple of days/week. If the sail was wet you might increase the chance of corrosion issues under the luff sleeve. The length of the mast in one piece might be a concern and you might...
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    Are older Laser sailors Role Models?

    I can remember noticing the not so smart things and not doing them, and I made up some of my own mistakes too. I've never had formal sailing instruction so never had a mentor or role model. My induction consisted of my father outlining a "code of conduct on the water", not just sailing, through...