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    1984 J24, USA 3890, "The Mystery Machine"

    I am selling my 1984 J24 racing boat, USA 3890, "The Mystery Machine". 3890 is a fast J24. She has sailed very competitively locally, finishing on the podium for the past 4 seasons, and keeps up with the fleet at regional events. She is race ready, sporting a good set of race sails, as well as a...
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    1984 USA 3890 "The Mystery Machine" + Trailer

    For sale is USA 3890, "The Mystery Machine." Completely redone in 2012, The Machine features the following: Modern deck layout in which all hardware was removed, the core epoxied, and hardware remounted, including the chainplates and stantion bases. No more moisture problems on this boat...
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    Looking for a complete set of sails

    Badger, shoot me an email. pseshooter3d at yahoo dot com. Interested in sails if you still have some available. Thanks Chris