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    BFD = Black Flag Disqualification This is over the line within on minute of the start with a black flag flying OCS = On the course side also known as over early RAF = Retired after finish Probably fouled someone and thought about it during the race and did not do 720 so did the right thing...
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    Re-attaching boom block

    I think what I did was much easier, I took an open end wrench and duct taped it to a long stick. I then put a piece of duct tape on one side of the wrench and stuck a self locking nut to the tape. I put some contact cement on the nut and a washer and put it in place. Then I laid the stick along...
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    World's Photo's?

    There are lots of photos and even 21 min video on the site. This is the best coverage I have ever seen.
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    How about some info on the worlds

    Does anyone know anything about the worlds going on now. I understand it is windy cold rough and racing was canceled yesterday. I saw the results and a few pictures but how is it going?
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    slippery gloves

    I bought a pair of Zhik gloves from Layline last week. They hold the lines really well, they are the stickiest I have ever seen. In lightish air you don't even need to wrap the mainsheet around your hand. The only problem is when the wind pipes up they are too thin for me, so last weekend when...
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    Redesigned daggerboards may be class illegal

    I am one of the people Cindy knows with a new boat this year. I have the new board and sailed at the NAs. We had a complete measurement and my board passed. If it had been any longer it would not have, but it did. My board and some others I have seen were filed on the bottom by the factory to...
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    You missed a Great Regatta NA's!

    I second the message about a great NAs. Even though there were not as many boats as some past NAs the compitition was just as good. When you have Eduardo there and although he won the regatta he didn't win every race you know you have a tough fleet. The racing was great, the food wonderful, and...
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    Rigging an Unusual Sunfish

    What you have there is a Super Sunfish, they were only made a couple of years around the beginning of the Laser. They are fun to sail. Just do a search on Super Sunfish, there is information on how to rig them on line. A Super Sunfish is a regular Sunfish hull with a different rig, a...
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    making a Super Sunfish rig

    Where do you live, I have a spare SuperSunfish Rig in my garage.
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    New daggerboard

    Starboard would be WAY too heavy. Wood is the best choice for a non legal daggerboard.
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    Masters and Midwinters

    All right, who is going leave the cold and go to sunny Florida for the International Masters in Tampa and the Midwinters in Melbourne?
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    Sunfish Design

    It depends on your experience, what you weigh, and the point of sail. I weigh 175 and am overpowered in above 20 kts going to weather, but it sure is fun at 25 on a reach :) .
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    Mac at Southeast ?? Sails

    It is very unusual to have problems like this from Mac. I have had several sails from him for my J-24 and they have been good and low cost. His web site is . Mac sails a Sunfish now and then and I have raced against him in club races when he has used his sails...