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    Boston->MWE, Your Boat, Gauging Interest

    I'm contemplating driving from Boston to the MWE (seniors and masters) and am looking to see if anyone would be interested in having their boat round-trip'ed from Boston. I can carry 2 additional boats w/ spars and dollies on my truck and could also pull a trailer if somebody has one. I...
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    Wanted: Used Racing Sail

    Full-rig, if it wasn't obvious...
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    Wanted: Used Racing Sail

    Ideally one season old North racing sail. Will consider similar.
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    Olympic Classes, ISAF Control, and Class Response

    30% Female participation They should make the Radial the open dinghy class. It would probably still be dominated by men, but women could win. As for the big guys who will no longer be competitive, let them sail Finns. It's silly to have an open class if women can't be competitive. Of course...
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    Alum Tiller/Extension Wanted

    Found one....
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    Alum Tiller/Extension Wanted

    If you've upgraded your stock Vanguard racing tiller/ext combo (or similar) to fancy CF stuff, I'd like to buy it. CD
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    Downwind laser sailing

    Mainsheet "Rules" Try putting a mark (piece of tape) on your sheet at the block when boom is exactly abeam with vang eased for offwind. Got this tip from Glenn Bourke's book.