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    Trapezing on the capri

    Trapezing Yeah I have the Gill hiking boots too and they make difference, but we still had to add some grip. My crew has a tendency to slide forward so we went to a local surf shop and bought some material that had adhesive on the bottom side; they use the product for grip on windsurfing...
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    Shrouds and old gear

    Hello, it's the junior sailor again with some questions about my old rigging that I have on my Capri. I'm sure my boat needs some new rigging since I know it hasn't been replaced but I have a question regarding the shrouds that I want to replace. I was given some rigging from a friend that...
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    Trapezing on the capri

    Hey everyone, I'm and junior sailor up at Huntington Lake, California where the wind is consistently blowing around 13-17 with gusts no more than 25. A couple of summers ago I recieved a Capri 14.2 for free only asking us to buy a trailer for hauling it up to the lake. The boat is by no means...