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    laser ii rudder head

    also would anyone have the rough dimensions of the laser ii rudder blade itself?
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    laser ii rudder head

    I am trying to figure out a rudder for a project dinghy. It is a 15 foot dinghy, and the rudder that is on it is incorrect. However the current setup is similar to the laser setup, but the distance from the bottom of the top pintle to the bottom of the lower pintle is larger than the laser...
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    1980 laser with XD upgrades

    this is a picture of the boat yesterday at Whiskeytown CA! However I did not use the XD vang, I have it, it just was not on the boat yesterday.
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    1980 laser with XD upgrades

    dropped price to 1500
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    Hansen turbo sail

    By the way this is the Hansen sail, but on my old force 5
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    Hansen turbo sail

    I bought this new last year and have only used it twice. I am selling my laser and force 5 so I will no longer be able to use it. Call or txt Dario (530) 2006458
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    1980 laser with XD upgrades

    I bought this boat around a year ago, and the hull is in great shape, does not take on any water at all!! It has a mast step repair plate on the deck which was there when I bought it. It is very solid and at least it is one headache you will not have to worry about. I changed the lines, and...
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    Sailing World

    you know I keep wondering why there is no magazine for dinghys. It seems to me that it would be a no brainer...
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    Sailing Vacation Update

    So all in all lots of fun?
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    Video: Sailing Vacation, Day 1

    Looks like fun, certainly better than bieng in an office!!!
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    Class legal?

    As bad as this sounds, after sailing the boat with the central cleat, I have decided to remove it, it does get in the way too many times...... Back to a single ratcheting block and just the cleats on the side of the boat!!
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    New to Forum and new to me Laser

    that is a great looking repair!!! real nice!!
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    Introducing the New Official Class Sail

    Again, I will rephrase, Other than Greed from PSA and LP I do not see why ............
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    Introducing the New Official Class Sail

    I still don't see it, if you make the size and panel shape regulation and the weight of the Dacron, then they should all be about the same, some may be sown better, but that would only go to longevity.
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    Are these class legal?

    I honestly feel LP is way too greedy. Beyond that I fully understand that rules are rules and why they exist. But, with small things like the little plate on the deck that holds the two blocks. That has to be LP, Really? You are going t oallow any blocks, but the plate has to be LP. Lets...