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    Omega 14 Manual attached

    I have had several requests for the Omega 14 Manual. I finally got my scanner, manual and PC in the same place at the same time. The file attached is a zip file containing the manual as a PDF document:)
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    Type 5 PFD's

    Thanks Thanks for the feedback. I didn't get wet the day I used the vest. I will probably invest in a Type III with lots of mesh that does not require inflating.
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    Type 5 PFD's

    Has anyone used a Type 5 PFD? I am considering the inflatable PFD after using one an a bass boat. It was a lot cooler wearing it all day in the Texas summer heat.
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    What's your year/number?

    Your Omega Marti, My Capri Omega was built in 1983, hull #2029. The Omega is the ancestor of the 14.2 and is a bit different. If you need a copy of the owners manual let me know. Check out my blog I haven't had the chance to update it yet but I...
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    how to fill the mast with foam

    Mast foam vs a float A quick scan of the Trailer Sailor forums has several threads about mast floats. The consensus is that mast floats are more effective. Here are few more comments from that forum; "Don't be embarrassed by capsizing! It's a normal part of dinghy sailing and we all do it...
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    trolling motor with sealed battery? what size motor and battery?

    Thanks, bought an AGM battery this morning Thanks for the heads up, after a little research on the net and one phone call later I am the owner of an 80Ah AGM battery from Batteries Plus. It cost me $64.99 and weighs 56lbs.:) The make model is a Lifeline Model GPL-24.
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    trolling motor with sealed battery? what size motor and battery?

    Gel Cel advantage Here's a pretty good summary of why I swiched to gel cell batteries; Gel Battery Advantages • Totally maintenance free • Air transportable • No corrosion • Spill proof/leak proof • Installs upright or on its side • Superior deep cycle life, about 3 times the life of...
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    Capri 14.2 Boat Cover

    14.2 cover on sale The Sailboat Shop 604 Highland Mall Blvd. Austin, Texas 78752 Local: 512-454-7171, Toll-Free: 888-747-8849 Fax: 512-454-0509 Tues-Fri 10-6 & Sat 9-4 ... Has a 14.2 cover on their clearance table. It looked new to me. You might want to call them.
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    Electric Motor question. How to run the battery cable?

    the seats are air boxes Lat year I called Catalina with a similar question. They told me that seats are airboxes for flotation. I decided not cut holes in the seats after thid discussion.
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    trolling motor with sealed battery? what size motor and battery?

    I am considering buying a trolling motor and a battery for my Capri Omega. In addition to motoring away from the dock, I also need the motor to head for shore when CB's blow up. Is anyone using a sealed Optima deep cycle battery? What size motor are you using?
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    how to fill the mast with foam

    hobie mast floats I looked at the Hobie Bob mast floats at the Sailboat store in Austin. The bracket will have to modified to fit the mast on my Omega. I think the smallest "Bob" made will be sufficient. Cost is about $100.00. BTW They all look like they could be a pain in the XXX. I have...
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    Another New Guy Question

    Sailing on Lake Travis and Canyon Lake solo in an Omega :) Now that the lake levels are back to normal I think you will enjoy Lake Travis or Lake LBJ. My Omega handles the Texas summer winds sailing solo quite well, just watch out for the CB's(Thunderstorms). I think the best sailing around...
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    Omega 14 centerboard trunk seals

    gasket part # gasket set is #10758
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    Omega 14 centerboard trunk seals

    new centerboard gasket from Catalina! :) I got the parts from the Sailboat Shop, different gasket, new parts fit exactly as planned. There are several Omega parts still available from Catalina. The parts were about $25.00
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    1980 Omega $800 in Houston

    I found this on craigslist in Houston, boat looks like it's in decent shape