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    River Romp

    I'll be there but you already knew that... apparently I'm the only one...
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    Laser as SUV

    very cool, and i love the 'watch out' sticker on your boom
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    How To Check If A Mast Is Straight??

    i bent my top section VERY seriously after one day of heavy wind sailing, and although it probably wont ever be raced with again, it would be nice if i could get it back to something you could practice with, but im not following how you could unbend a mast without putting too much force on it...
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    How To Check If A Mast Is Straight??

    put it on the ground and roll it... youll see if its bent right away...
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    Afraid of racing!

    Back in my optimist dinghy days... I was a dead last kind of person. You learn from your mistakes, move on, and get better. Don't tell yourself you won't do well, you have to have the right attitude going into this. Good luck!!! :)
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    How to wash your sail?

    woolite usually works. dont use anything with bleach it'll eat ur sail material....
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    hola guess who...

    hola guess who...