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    Mast diameter?

    Thank you both for the measurements and your time to reply.
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    Mast diameter?

    My sunfish is hibernating under a blanket of snow this time of year and not very accessible. Can anyone measure the OD of their mast? Perhaps a home built iceboat can scratch winter's sailing itch.
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    Sunfish Iceboat?

    Here is a link to an ice boat design and plans using a lateen sail. This maybe a good summer off the water project.
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    Any recent thoughts about Trailex trailer?

    Thank you sunfishers for sharing your thoughtful trailering expertise and suggestions. So is the beauty of this forum! The only decision left is how much overtime I'm willing to work to pay for my decision.
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    Any recent thoughts about Trailex trailer?

    I just looked at manyof the past threads about Trailex's trailer for Sunfish. However, there is really nothing current besides assembly and price point. Any recent buyers care to share your thoughts? Any other low maintenance trailering options, suggestions or recommendations? The trailer would...
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    Sunfish hoist?

    Same situation for us. Try to find a used aluminun PWC lift. I found one for $150 at a local landscaper/dock dealer between Antigo and Rhinelander, WI. It keeps the hull about 12" above the water. Easy on, easy off and easy to carry the lift out at the end of the season. It only weighs about...