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    Looking to buy a Capri 14.2 - need some advice

    Thanks for the recommendation on the UCLA sailing manual - found it here:
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    Looking to buy a Capri 14.2 - need some advice

    I'm new to sailing and the Capri is my first boat, but I can provide a few observations that might be helpful. When looking for my boat, in the 14ft range I didn't see many other boats with a high boom, which is one of the reasons I chose the Capri, in that it might allow some family sailing (I...
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    Hobie Baby bob brackets | should I make some for you guys?

    I’d love one! I’m planning on buying a baby bob soon for my 14.1. Not sure how we can coordinate, but count me in.
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    I made my first ever YouTube (sailing) video today! Woo Hoo!!

    Looks great. Makes me want to sail!
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    gooseneck... upside down?

    Thanks for the post, looks like it might be alright in this orientation.
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    gooseneck... upside down?

    Just did my first "backyard sail" with my Capri. Does the gooseneck get attached with the hole up or down? (see picture, mine is rigged with it on the downward side but the manual seems to show the hole on the top). Also, do I have the thumbscrew in the right place? I put it just above the...
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    1988 Capri 14.2 Owners Manual & Catalina Yachts General Handbook

    Thank you for posting this. I am a new Capri 14.2 owner, Mod 1. I have been reading about capsizing and was wondering what people think about the manual's statement : "Remember, don't panic, your boat cannot sink as it has built in floatation". Does that statement assume that the cuddy hatch...