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    Should I install an autobailer?

    I never use my auto bailer the only thing i ever use it for is draining the water from the cockpit on the boat ramp.
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    laser fitness

    I really don't work out at all exept ride my bike and that isn't for sailing. I don't see the huge need as long as your not like three hundred puonds and can't walk or something. Yes it is phisicly demanding but nothing crazy to spend five days a week in a gym over.
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    Is there a way to tell if a sail is still good?

    If you don't want to spend the money to put pulleys and things in, put a caribeaner attached by a line right above the goose neck thane tie another one to where the Cunningham goes threw at the bottom of the mast you will be able to run it into the cockpit.
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    Laser outhaul sleeve/clew thingy.

    Carbon tiller for a out haul sleeve no way thats like a 150 dollar difference.
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    Ross Bennett's Olympic Dream

    Re: Ross Bennett's Olympic Path God that sucks whats next radioactive fish
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    Ross Bennett's Olympic Dream

    Re: Ross Bennett's Olympic Path Quick question ross, i heard about a thing that will possibly hinder the sailing events in china this year. I know it wont effect you but you probably know more than me. I heard there was a problem about seaweed in the oceans or something floating on the top...
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    Batten tip

    Has anyone ever had battens fall out?
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    What's the top build years for Lasers?

    I have an 81 laser in almost mint condition that was not sailied for around 4 years when i bought. It but the previous owner rarely sailed it, so tell me if i'm wrong but i'm thinking i get the impression that old boats are better then new ones?
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    Which Mainsheet Block?? Orbit? Carbo?

    Its the most logical thing to do you don't have to go all crazy. Keep it in free wheel and use the cleats ratchet is pointless!:):):):):):)
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    Which Mainsheet Block?? Orbit? Carbo?

    Thats what you have cleats for I always keep my block in freewheel mode
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    Name for my new Laser?!!

    I named my boat pride, because it is my pride self explanatory. under it it has in smaller letters Shawnee, ks under it like big boats. this is all on the right of the transom.
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    Laser outhaul sleeve/clew thingy.

    Your wrong! when I was out the other day my laser was on the shore for about 15 minutes waiting for some buddies to get there boat out and when they did about two minutes into me pushing off from the beach the hook came of causing my boom to drop into the water and drop off the gooseneck. I made...
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    Laser outhaul sleeve/clew thingy.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what i could use to replace a clew hook with a shacke or something.
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    Competitive weight for a Radial?

    I'm 160 pounds and i do fine in a full rig. It gets a little squirrelly in heavy winds but i think its fun. Even when i capsize i never have trouble writing it.
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    Which Mainsheet Block?? Orbit? Carbo?

    I find using the ratchet function on the main sheet block extremely inconvenient. I was sailing in puffy wind the other day and I had the ratchet on and because I couldn't disengage the ratchet in time i capsized. I know others have different opinions but, I prefer main sheet cleats they are...