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    Mast Support for Trailering, Version 2

    Jeff - I use two tie-down straps for the boat when hauling it. The main one is for the hull and goes under the mast and is cinched down nice and firm. (You could use more than one strap for the hull if really concerned about safety.) The second one goes over the mast but is not cinched down...
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    Mast Support for Trailering, Version 2

    Here are pictures of the hooks. The hooks are probably for stronger applications such as hanging tools or other heavy objects on walls/studs, etc. Sorry about the size of the photos. I'm still trying to figure out how files/photos are better attached to posts.
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    Mast Support for Trailering, Version 2

    Hi Timothy. Thanks for the feedback. The hooks are standard make and come from the hardware section of Lowe's (you can also get them from Home Depot or other general hardware store). Fortunately, the diameter of the metal hooks was close to the size of the holes in the rudder support, so they...
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    Manual for 1997 (mod 3), or Newer

    Ken - I was talking to Catalina (California office) yesterday about my Mod 3 boat. They said there is no on-line version of the handbook for the Mod 3 but that you can order a hardcopy of one from Catalina in Florida by calling 727-544-6681. The office in California said that Jerry Douglas in...
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    Gathering Fleet Information: Send me your info.

    Bradley - Hopefully I won't get into trouble, but there is a fleet of 5 capri's and 1 vagabond at the Renton Sailing Club, in Renton Washington. The club is a non-profit organization located in Gene Coulon Park, in Renton, on Lake Washington. The following information comes from their website...
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    Mast Support for Trailering, Version 2

    Thanks for the concern, Greg. I am in Washington State. Their state codes state "No vehicle shall be operated upon the public highways with any part of the permanent structure or load extending in excess of fifteen feet beyond the center of the last axle of such vehicle" So, I'm safe up here.
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    Keel Roller Question

    I have an EZ Loader trailer which has a rubber keel roller that needs to be replaced due to wear and disfigurement (flattening). I've seen replacement rollers made of either PVC or rubber. Which would you recommend, which type do you have, etc.? My thoughts are that the rubber ones would be...
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    Mast Support for Trailering, Version 2

    I read the post by Wild Bill dated March 22, 2013. It was pretty good. However, I do not have a trailer that has the high front support post. I recently purchased my boat and trailer which had a makeshift and delaminating plywood mast support in the stern and the base of the mast rested on...
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    How can I tell which mod?

    John - I just bought my Capri 14.2, hull number 4961. It is a 2001 model. Your friend's boat's year is older. Ron