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    1989 Capri 14.2 For Sale Southern Indiana

    This boat has been sold . Thanks ! Paul
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    1989 Capri 14.2 For Sale Southern Indiana

    A very nice 1989 14.2 Capri for sale . Roller furling , original main and jib . Has fore stay and halliard if you ever want to hank on a jib . Galvonized trailer with spare wheel . Hull still very shiney but some scratching near the waterline starboard side . . Rudder and tiller and centerboard...
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    Race with Furling or Hank on ?

    I was just wondering ; do serious Capri 14.2 sailers race with the furling jib or hank on ? I would guess hank- on so you would be able to adjust the halyard tension . Paul :cool:
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    Class Legal Reef Points

    I'm getting ready to order new sails and I want a reef point or two in the main. I noticed the Free C14 Handbook shows a 2'3" reef point . Are you allowed to reef more than 2' 3":D during a race or not ? Is it even class legal to have more than one reef point ? Thanks ! Paul
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    Fleet 15 Saint Louis Still Active ?

    I just purchesed a Mod 2 and would like to race . I e-mailed Harold Turpin at fleet 15 and the address is no good . Who can I contact ? Thanks ! Paul Vance , Patoka Lake , IN