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    Safety equipment in Canada.

    It was late. My eyes must have been a little fuzzy. If you don't have everything on board if/when you get 'boarded', by that exception, you would have to be attended by a safety vehicle in order to onside of the Act.
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    Safety equipment in Canada.

    Does anyone know if this exception actually applies to a Laser? I wonder how sailboard is defined in the Act. I think it could be argued either way. On the one hand, there is no storage location for some of the equipment (without an inspection port), so I could see it similarly to a...
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    Safety equipment in Canada.

    See If you don't want to follow the link, it requires the following for pleasure craft under 6m in length (what I do with mine in brackets): 1. PFD for each person on board (I wear mine) 2. 15m buoyant heaving line...
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    Laser Harken Vang System - New

    If all of the above fall through, I'm interested.
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    Welcome to the New

    Edit: ...In your effort to be fast, this would be a great tool to have back. One more thing, can you extend the time for editing posts beyond 0 minutes, perhaps to 1 or 2? Thanks again.
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    Welcome to the New

    The new system, like the old system, identifies threads with new posts since the last time I visited. This is good. What's not so good, however, is that there are no 'next thread' or 'previous thread' buttons inside the thread view pages (where you can actually read the content). When I would...
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    My first Laser

    My laser is an '87, and I use the old setup (until funds provide otherwise). I don't bother with the mast tie-down, and only use the cunningham to keep things in check.
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    Steady 20 right now... Not 20, but I'll echo the sentiment.
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    Spring clothing question

    So what do you wear for the norm? What articles do you choose from to suit (pun intended) how you feel?
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    Leaking Inspection Port

    I also have an 88 with an inspection port in the same spot, but no leaks. By the dampness pattern you described, it could be a bad seal on the port lid, or a bad seal around the edge. Try the soap bubble test in that area by pressurizing the hull through the drain plug to determine where...
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    old boat-should i race it?

    Not having an autobailer shouldn't be an issue of legality. As for weighing it, I just brought my bathroom scale out onto my deck, and stood the boat on it's end on the scale. I didn't need to be more accurate than that. My hull is 1987 or 88 (I can't remember right now), and it weighed in...
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    Rudderless Sailing Theory/Roll Tacking Technique

    I'll have to try it with the tiller lashed. In my head that seems like it would be easier than doing it with the rudder out of the water, where you only have hull and centerboard/daggerboard providing lateral resistance. Of course, things that seem easier in my head rarely turn out to be so...
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    Rudderless Sailing Theory/Roll Tacking Technique

    Spin in circles indeed! My first couple attempts at rudderless were about that productive, but once mastered, it gives quite the satisfaction and validation of one's understanding of hull balance, and sail trim. Haven't tried it with a spinnaker, but that would be interesting. Has anyone...
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    Rudderless Sailing Theory/Roll Tacking Technique

    I was thinking about this while reading the 'by the lee technique' thread, and figured I'd ask in a new thread instead of hijacking. So, According to the behavior of the hull during rudderless sailing, the boat will head up when heeling to leeward, and will bear off when heeled to windward...
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    Racing tactics

    +1 for 'Advanced Racing Tactics' by Stuart Walker. It was the first tactics book I read, and despite his style getting in the way, it was very comprehensive, and gave me some great tips of what to do/not do on the course. When I raced my first race (after reading the book), I came in 3rd of...