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    Capri 14.2 Baby Bob fitted

    Looks clean and easy to install, I'll give this design a try shortly, thanks!!
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    Dismasted Capri 14.2 outboard size

    Sounds like an interesting project. I'd think about keeping the centerboard (CB) even if you never intend on sailing the boat again. The smooth, strake-less hull design relies on the CB to keep the boat running straight. I can tell you that on my Capri, if I'm using the motor alone, and the CB...
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    Just an introduction...

    Welcome Rocky! You picked a great boat that will be great fun and teach you a lot. You live in the perfect spot for sailing!
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    Mounting options for a trolling motor/Minn Kota

    I must give a word to the wise after going out today that with my setup the traveler line kept getting caught up on the trolling motor and/or motor mounting hardware. The traveler pulled on the motor enough to almost break it loose from the mounting board, twice. If not for my quick (and...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    wanhanlu - I like your steel CB idea. I sometimes sail in light winds with a trolling motor and two deep cycle batteries resting just inside the cuddy, wired in parallel. That's about 90 pounds at the waterline. Do you think that'd be just as stable if I got surprised by a sudden heavy gust?
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    Hiking straps for 1991

    The Catalina design drawings say to allow 6" tail (excess) for adjustment on the 3 slot retainer at the transom. Doesn't seem to specify for the forward straps. I can tell you that on mine, which I believe still has the original straps, there's about a 12" tail in back and 6" tail on the fronts...
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    Capri 14.2 - Parts needed

    I might be interested in your centerboard, markfisk...
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    Mounting options for a trolling motor/Minn Kota

    Strange, when I tried to add some pics it says "The uploaded file is too large for the server to process." But they're way below the file size limit.
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    Capri 14.2 - Parts needed

    Did you check the classifieds?
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    Hull number 1784 - need to ID month

    Your first three will be "CPS" (manufacturer code for Capri sailboats). Next number should be "D" (model type). Next four will be your hull number "1784". Next will be a one-digit month of manufacture code (see below). Next will be the last digit of the year the boat was manufactured (NOT the...
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    Mounting options for a trolling motor/Minn Kota

    Thanks Jim. I'll try to get some better pics for you shortly.
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    Mounting options for a trolling motor/Minn Kota

    I used 6 gauge Temco Easy-Flex welding cable. Very flexible and durable. You can buy it by-the-foot on Fleabay. I fished the cable under the cockpit bench to the hatch area, using a telescoping dock hook. This required climbing all the way inside the hatch area, which was not very fun for me...
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    Mounting options for a trolling motor/Minn Kota

    Yes just four holes and some really long bolts. I've had good luck with Walmart deep cycle batteries.
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    Mounting options for a trolling motor/Minn Kota

    Experience tells me you want that motor mount to be strong and secure. The torque that a trolling motor puts out is surprising when you're docking, for instance, and quickly go from full forward to full reverse. Wouldn't using glue leave a scar on the hull if you remove the plywood later...
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    Thinking of purchasing a Hobie Holder 14

    My first sailboat was a Vagabond 14. I had a lot of fun with it, especially for someone who didn't really know a lot about sailing at the time. I would haul it to the campsite with my college buddies and we'd have a blast. Easy to raise the mast. I could launch at the ramp or launch straight...