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    Restore Help

    Thanks! Do you by any chance know what the length of the cord is? :)
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    Restore Help

    Hi, I am currently restoring a 90's capri 14.2 I recently bought, and near the cockpit there are two holes on each side of the boat near the cockpit. I looked at a diagram of the boat fully rigged on this page, and there appears to a support for the hiking straps at this point. I was wondering...
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    Wanted: Seeking a Capri 14.2 In or near NJ

    I have a Capri 14.2 in excellent sailing shape in Washington DC area.
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    Wanted: Capri/Catalina 14.2 (or 16.5) - Good condition

    I have one Washington DC area with trailer, asking $2,000.
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    Wanted: Used Capri 14.2 Eastern Massachusetts

    I have a restored center board Capri 14.2 in Washington D.C. area. Good condition, with trailer asking $2,000.