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    sitting on gunwale or seat

    This popped up in my feed today on the sailing association FB page regarding the lake water at Creve Coeur lake. FYI. “We at MSE Racing were incredibly excited to host the Lou Fusz St Louis Triathlon last weekend at the beautiful location of Creve Coeur Lake! For what it’s worth, we want the...
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    sitting on gunwale or seat

    Took mine out on a maiden voyage. To address the topic of the thread. There was barely enough wind to let me get my heavy self onto the seats. Most of the time I had one cheek on the seat and was crouched around the Barney post to keep things level. I rarely got enough wind to heel over and get...
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    Enough Of A Mast Float?

    I’m thinking about threading one of those dollar store pool noodles onto the main halyard to see if that stays out of the way and would act like a foam filled mast. Not sure if it would offer much relief but might be a little piece of mind vs nothing.
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    sitting on gunwale or seat

    There are no swimming signs everywhere. Although I see people go wading in from the beach all the time. The paddle boarders and kayakers end up all in occasionally. I am not aware of anything wrong with the water, but swimming is still “not allowed.” I am unclear on the boat dock situation. I...
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    Capri 14.2 or 16.5?

    Where do you all put your boom and rudder when trailering? I have been trying to find a secure way to keep it in the boat but other than strapping the boom to the mast, I am running short of ideas.
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    sitting on gunwale or seat

    I am in St Louis as well and just bought a 14.2. It needs some work but I hope to get it wet this weekend at Creve Coeur. I plan to keep it easy and not interested in racing, so I hope to sit on the seats for most of this maiden voyage. The hiking straps look in bad shape so I hope I don’t need...