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    I made my first ever YouTube (sailing) video today! Woo Hoo!!

    Nice 1st video. How fast was the wind blowing?
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    Why is this sub-forum so dead? Where are all the 14.2 owners??

    Went for the first sail yesterday in light wind. I'm ready for the dog days of summer to leave Georgia!
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    Straighten Catalina 14 Omega mast?

    As Stevenwp2 recommends, create a straightenung jig. I used two 2x8x8 Southern Yellow Pine planks sistered together and secured to a 2x4x6 on one edge with 2.5 inch deck screws. A scissors jack works well instead of a floor jack. Ratcheting cargo straps can be wrapped around the mast and hold...
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    Straightening a bent mast

    Most of the bend is out, so I'm please with the result. Now, I need to address the shredded jib. I obtained a jib from a Hobie 16. My plan is to cut it down and reset it into a working jib for the 14.2. As long as the leech and luff are short enough shouldn't that work?
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    Straightening a bent mast

    I made a straight back out of two 2X8X8s, then used a scissors jack with a contoured block out of pine between the jacking point and the mast.
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    Straightening a bent mast

    The boat given to me has a bent mast. Any recommendations for the method to use to straighten it?
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    For Sale SAILS!!

    Do you have any jibs?
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    Capri 14.2 parts

    Do you still have the mast?
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    For Sale: Mast & boom

    Would you consider selling just the mast?