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    Well, are you guys going to build it or not? If you wait long enough I will beat you to it and post photos of one I will make out of aluminum or titanium. It will be definitely not made of wood.
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    WTB 2013 Sunfish Worlds Sail

    I would like to buy 2013 Sunfish Worlds sail from Lewes Delaware. Thanks.
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    Sunfish hull fairing

    Here is reply form Rob: To answer your question, it is permitted to use gelcoat to repair imperfections (usually small hollow areas, chips or scratches.........don't exactly know what you mean by "flat" spots) as long as you don't modify to change the original molded hull shape. I toured the LP...
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    Sunfish hull fairing

    It is a free country and I'm interested to know what other sailors think. What I'm not interested in is having someone tell me that I'm trying to do something that I'm not. Let's make it clear. Someone in my club faired the hull and a couple of other sailors approached me and asked for my...
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    Reefing a Lateen Sail for Voyaging

    I might be a little too late, but here is another idea that might work for you. Get the super sunfish or laser radial rig and depower it the way laser guys do it by rapping the sail around the mast. You will not be able to use battens but you probably don't care to get 100% performance.
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    Sunfish hull fairing

    No, I'm not proposing modifying the hull. You like to read between the lines don't you? I will call it refinishing. How about that?
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    Seitech Dolly Fat Wheel Kit-Western Mass.

    Thank you. I just pulled the trigger.
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    Seitech Dolly Fat Wheel Kit-Western Mass.

    I'm interested but I'm in California. Can you ship, if so how much total? Thanks
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    Sunfish hull fairing

    Thank you LVW. Let's wait and see if some nays will chime in. I like my boat the way I like my women round and heavy.
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    What's this old-style rudder worth?

    Put it on E-bay. Give an honest description and you will get what is worth. I sold mine old style rudder assembly for $275, a wooden daggerboard for $80 and an old sail for $90. Good luck.
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    Never give up, never, never, never.

    Never give up, never, never, never.
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    Sunfish hull fairing

    Ahoy Sunfish sailors! Sunfish Class Rules say: 3.1.4 There are no restrictions as to the type of finish applied to the hull so long as the finish is applied in liquid form. Materials applied in solid or sheet form are specifically forbidden. Modification of the hull to improve the shape or...
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    Age of racing sail with yellow trim by NS

    Hi Maties, Three years ago I bought a used racing sail on E-bay. It served me well but I started to think about using a new sail so I can do well in my club regattas. At this point I wonder how old my sail might be. It is class legal made by North Sails. The sail's foot and luff are trimmed...
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    New Aluminum Sunfish Pro Tiller

    Thanks for the info. It is a good chance that oval tube is a custom extrusion, and it will be very difficult to get. But if it is not custom, I'm sure I can find it. For that I will need the exact width, length, and the thickness of the wall of the cross section. If comes to the design of the...
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    New Aluminum Sunfish Pro Tiller

    Hmm, Somehow I thought that the two long pieces are solid aluminum bars about 1/4 x 1" and not tubes. If comes to anodizing it is no problem.