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    79 laser for sale

    a great boat for someone lokking to get into sailing lasers, 1979 blue hull, all lines re new, new vang and cunningham upgrades, origional main sail, new practice sail, radial sail and masts, one extra full rig mast, medium vest, wet suit(m) sits on a 16 ft trailer...
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    West Coast

    speaking of west coast, last weekend we went to the george for the pcc masters and i had an unfortunate first day the day before the regatta. i turned down wind in 20+ and the boat deathrolled on me and when the boom hit the water it snapped my boom off at the vang strap.....oops......have to...
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    Master's US Nationals and Master's PCC's

    i see, said the blind man to the do all the lasers race in one big group? no seperate start for the radials? that would be it scored according to what rig you are sailing? or is it just a big free for all?:confused:
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    Master's US Nationals and Master's PCC's

    so will the rig switching rule be in effect this weekend at the pcc,s at the george? i didn't see anything about it in the nor when i sent my money in, i was planing on trying my new radial set-up because i've heard it blows like crazy on the columbia river.
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    Master's US Nationals and Master's PCC's

    what is this " rig swiching rule" i keep hearing about? can you sail radial one day and full rig the next and still be scored in a regatta? can you switch in the middle of a day of racing or only at the start? i haven,t seen this done at any of the regattas i've been at.
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    trailering options

    hey nickjb, congrats on the new boat and welcome, i use a similar trailer and it works o.k, but for that price you can get a new kittyhawk and they do work better for the laser, another option is to find a used small trailer for 200-250 that would work, check out harbor freight in renton, they...
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    Few questions - Gill sailing chronograph

    hi dutchlaser, i have had one for 4 months now and i like it, it's kind of bulky to wear as a everyday watch( too thick) but works very well. watch out for the screws that hold the band on, mine came loose and fell off the first time i used it, but west marine replaced the whole watch with no...
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    Logo for sail

    i had the same problem, you can't buy a sticker and it's copywrited, i finally just made one from all the left over pieces from the red sail numbers i put on the sail, from a distance you can't tell the difference.:cool:
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    Another Noob: deck quality

    hey boat is a 78 hull in great shape and it does the same thing, it hisses air after a sail, but i pull the plug when it's stored on the trailer. i checked and mine dosn't have the breather hole in the cockpit. would it be a good idea to drill a small hole in that location? i would...
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    Snorkel mask, solvent

    i belive you can use denautered alcohol, it should take the silicon off the glass without harming it, it should also work on the rubber and the plastic, but i would test a small area somewhere you can't see it to make sure there is no strange reaction. don,t use laquer thinner, mineral spirits...
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    Boat Shipment

    i live in seattle too and i know of a used boat for a reasonable price, drop me a line at and i'll give you some info, the boat is in tacoma.......terry
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    yes it was royal vancouver yacht club in vancouver. what a nice club, great event, very nice people and a excellent place for a regatta. we had a great time, 40 lasers, 25 radials, 10 bytes, many optis and 5-8 420s. 1st day wind about 5-7 4 races, 2nd day 4-8 wind 4 races and last day 6-12 wind...
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    larsencanvas and i are headed up to vancouver canada to the royal canadian yacht club to sail in a three day regatta, anybody else from the forum heading up? should be a great event, they are expecting 70 lasers plus other centerboard classes.
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    How do I fix, paint, repair my Laser hull?

    5 coats of paint is probably a bit of over kill but as long as you sand between coats and spray light coats each time the overall weight gain for a laser is less than a pound. as a painter i wouldn't choose to use automotive products, i would go with marine coatings, but auto products offer a...
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    Many Laser Parts 5 radial, 5 tall, dagger, booms etc...

    where are you located at?