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    SAILFISH Sailboat – Olympic Colors; Excellent Condition

    SAILFISH Sailboat – Olympic Colors Excellent Condition 1972 AMF Alcort Super SAILFISH MK-II Sailboat. Original Excellent like new condition. The Sailfish was the predecessor to the Sunfish. All white boat with red and blue racing stripes across the bow. Olympic colored sail; red, white, and...
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    SUNFISH Mast and Booms for sale $150 Reading, PA

    Mast and booms (both), and gooseneck for a Sunfish sailboat. Includes sail, sail is usable but is old and should be replaced. $150 Cash.
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    Wanted: Sunfish Boom and Mast

    Where are you located?
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    Racing sail

    I will buy the sail if still available, email me at
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    Racing sail

    Could you send me a picture? Are numbers on the sail? Very interested.
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    Trailer set-up: axel to bow, etc

    I just got a Trailex Model SUT-200-S trailer for my Sunfish and am trying to set it up just right also. I have some ?'s also. The front support should be directly under the mast step, I believe. I am not too sure about the back support and the front bow stop. What should the distance be from...
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    What Year Sunfish do I Have?

    1971 Sunfish
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    Laser Sailboat Hull # 190 for sale on Ebay
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    1980 SUNFISH For Sale in Reading, Pennsylvania

    The Boat has been SOLD !!!
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    Sunfish Racing Sail-Brand New

    The sail has been SOLD !!! :cool:
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    1980 SUNFISH For Sale in Reading, Pennsylvania

    All original equipment plus jam cleat and inspection port. Stored and unused for over 20 years. Always garage kept and only sailed on fresh water lake. Near mint cond. $ 1,400. Available with galv. trailer for additional $ 300. Chris Keller :) (610) 921-6895 (Work) (610) 670-9421...
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    Sunfish Racing Sail-Brand New

    Still for sale. Phone (610) 921-6895.
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    Sunfish Racing Sail-Brand New

    Brand new 2004 Sunfish Racing Sail for sale. Never unfolded or out of the original bag. $ 300 plus shipping! :)
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    1979 SUNFISH For Sale in Reading, Pennsylvania