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    Hurricane Sally Report

    In the dirt biking world, we'd call that a "FrankenBoat!" Ugly "stitched" seams, electrodes and all... :eek: But she will sail again, and that's all that really matters... a little more work, and she'll look like a million bucks! ;) Once you're done sanding & painting, few will ever know of...
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    Merry Christmas from Redneck Land!!!

    Man, oh man, that shower felt good... before I go watch a movie, I wanna throw down these three links to good times had while trucking back in the day, cruising in my 40-ton land yacht that went 90 m.p.h., LOL. :eek: Meh, what's Christmas without a few presents? And here are three of 'em...
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    Merry Christmas from Redneck Land!!!

    Fathead eventually turned up this morning, he's the cat who recently "adopted" us after some wanker abandoned him and moved away. Fathead macked a big ol' plate o' turkey with gravy on top, then took off for parts unknown... usually he takes a nap after eating, but he was in a hurry today, maybe...
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    Looking for a Minifish in MI

    Weston, you should bag that boat before somebody else does, I just saw the ad and the boat looks clean... she'd be worth a relatively short drive [this said as a former truck driver, LOL]. :rolleyes:
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    Minifish Sailboat with custom cart - $350 (Traverse City, Michigan)

    Damn, that's a good price, considering that the boat looks to be in great shape... :cool:
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    Hole in hull under mast step

    Start by taping the hole IN the mast step tube, then flip the hull and repair that hole on the exterior... fair out an oval around the hole, pre-cut some appropriate-sized patches from matt or cloth, get your resin & catalyst ready, and handle your business. If that hole in the step goes clear...
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    Merry Christmas from Redneck Land!!!

    0315 snack, a plate piled high with turkey, stuffing from the bird, homemade gravy, and cranberry sauce on the side... damn, the plate was STACKED, and I just demolished it, LOL. Well, almost... I left some scraps for the cats, even though they already macked a plateful of turkey with gravy...
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    Merry Christmas from Redneck Land!!!

    Awww, nobody in the Christmas Spirit... meh, it has been that kinda year, LOL. Moi, I've been toiling away in the kitchen, now that big ol' bird is in the oven and the mess of dishes is all cleaned up, so I'm cracking a cold beer and chillaxing before I grab a shower. I've had the Christmas...
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    Merry Christmas from Redneck Land!!!

    I stopped at our Dollar General store yesterday to pick up a foil roasting pan for my 18-lb. turkey (okay, 17.75 lbs., close enough to round upward), and when I exited the store, foil pan in hand, there was Santa's sleigh parked near 'The Mighty Camry!!!' So I snapped a few pics of Santa's...
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    Finally!!! A Minifish!

    Meh, as far as the Salton goes, I'm just glad I sailed the length & breadth of that foul lake before it disappears... I must admit, one proposal to "flush" the lake using pipelines or canals from the Sea of Cortez sounded interesting, but I'm not sure Mexico would want all that funky polluted...
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    The Cult of the Laser

    That was pretty cool... went up top with jacket, gloves, binoculars, and an insulated camping mug of hot chocolate. Very tasty, with that cool breeze blowing... one thing about living at elevation, it cools off fast toward sunset, but that's a good thing in the summer, when temps start dropping...
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    The Cult of the Laser

    Okay, that was Venus in the eastern sky this morning, I just consulted an astronomy website and the two great planets Jupiter & Saturn will appear this evening low in the sky toward the WSW (another website said SW), and they'll only be visible until they set, so be sure to check 'em out as soon...
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    Goodbye Sun/Mini-fish, hello Rocket?

    I was thinking the same thing about extending the cockpit... it'd take some work, but I do like that Rocket cockpit. As for "planing upwind"---well, ANYONE can do THAT with a big ol' Mercury Black Max motor slapped on the transom, LOL. :eek:
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    The Cult of the Laser

    Hmm, found a link to a Yelp review written years ago... my review was "not recommended" by fools at the site, LOL. Read it and you'll see why... makes me wonder if any idiot libtards ever sailed the length of the Salton, LOL. Here's the main thread, gotta scroll down to the bottom of the first...
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    The Cult of the Laser

    I was having a long-distance conversation with a good friend earlier, and we touched upon the topic of self-identification. For instance, if someone were to ask me how I identify myself, well, I would reply that I'm an old school small craft sailor, and particularly a diehard Laser sailor. But I...