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    Line & Sheet sets?

    Thanks Ed, I knew I should have looked at the manual. I see it now, but at least my copy doesn't give me all the measurements so I'll take yours and measure the rest. And yes, my intent was to get to the smaller line types so they are easier to handle. Just also received Mainsheet last...
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    Replacement Trailer?

    Hi again, Okay, so one more question. What about a replacement trailer? Ours is the original painted Dilly and has been rusting away now for a while. Any thoughts on suppliers for a (inexpensive) replacement? TIA.
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    Line & Sheet sets?

    Hi all, Is anyone aware of a supplier who has a complete line and sheet set available for our C14.2's? Given the age of our boat, and the condition of the lines, it's certainly time to replace and upgrade to smaller cordage and i'd like to be able to do it in one easy step rather than...