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    Too hot to sail...

    Guys, if you want to sail bad enough, you take the heat! Arizona Yacht Club has been running a "HeatStroke" series on Tempe Town Lake for the past three summers. Yes, sometimes it is hot even for us! But when it's over 110, just make sure you have plenty of water, plenty of sunscreen, and your...
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    Sailing on a three-masted ship

    Ed, Is this an annual or regularly scheduled event? I'd gladly make the trip from AZ to see it. Rudy Pinon
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    Daysailing modifications, improvements, gadgets.

    Skysurfer3, Someone on this forum recommended a Wal-Mart cover about 18 months ago. I bought one and it's worked fine. No drawstring, just tie-downs to the trailer. Size "A" fits a C14.2 and costs about $49.
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    Boat Modifications

    Dave, I think the bungee under the hiking straps is to raise the hiking straps and make it easier to stick your feet under them as you hike out. I have them same holes in mine. Anyone have suggestions on whether I should plug them or how? Rudy
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    Sailing Books

    My favorite is "The Complete Sailor" by David Seidman. No color pcitures, just a lot of well-done sketches and good explanations of terminology. Your nearby public library might have a good selection that you can check out. From those, you may come across one with content and style you...
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    One of my favorite sources of info is "The Complete Sailor" by David Seidman. It also recommends three telltales evenly spaced but at 12" aft of the luff. I think the point is to avoid the turbulence caused by initial wind separation at the luff edge and get a truer indication of wind across the...
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    2-piece Jib Halyard

    Dave, Ed, I finaly see the light! Please disregard my previous comment about the second line needing to be 24'. I had rigged it to have lines around the becket block when it was at the top of the mast. That's not necessary! We had a C14 rigging and sailing clinic at Tempe Town Lake (AZ) last...
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    Clevis Pin Question

    Michael, Definitely put the flat side outboard! I had mine the other way and, yes, the jib sheet did snag on the ring; in the middle of a tack, of course!
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    2-piece Jib Halyard

    Dave, I have a Mod 1 and the 2-piece jib halyard does work for me with one modification. I have the 13' line attached to the jib. Since the distance from the jib block to the jam cleat is about 13' 6", I have no problem with the becket block hitting the cleat before the jib is fully tight...
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    First Time Setting up the Rigging = Miserable Failure

    You gotta get the C14 manual. It’s a great resource. But, while you wait for it to come, I’m going to take a shot at your rigging questions. This is based on my boat, a Mod 1, but hopefully it will help. First, get the mast up and the boom in place. Starting with the mainsheet, find a block...
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    There's a small section on turtling in the FAQ of this website. I recall quite a bit of discussion on turtling on the previous forum. I don't know if our webmaster can restore any of that for you.
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    shroud question

    I also suggest putting the clevis pins in from the outside of the boat and having the cotter rings on the inside. I had the rings on the outside and they snagged the jib sheet in the middle of a tack. That can get exciting when you're single-handling!
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    Advice in finding a Capri 14

    I'd also suggest deciding on a radius of how far you're willing to travel and then check the classifieds of the major newspapers in that radius. The internet can make that fairly easy. Then check those ads every day. Good deals will pop up but they usually sell very quickly. Of course, the...
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    Where should I buy new standing rigging

    I checked my invoice and I placed the order on 6/19 (by phone), they shipped on 6/25 and I probably received them around 6/29, so maybe 10 days total.
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    Where should I buy new standing rigging

    I think the price may be for the set. I replaced mine earlier this summer and paid about $46 for the shrouds and about $20 for the forestay. That was through Catalina.