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    Singlehanding 14.2 - Need suggestions

    Single Handed I am almost always going single. No problem, just try to tune the rig before setting the sails. You don't need much trimming on the cunningham and boom vang; once setuped it's good for the journey except you want to go competition/regatta. Then you will need 4 hands.
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    Boom topping lift

    Topping Lift You don't want to have the boom in front of your nose. The boat is too cramped to fight against a swinging boom. Have it completely lowered in the hull and live with the spaghetti. On top, wind will be caught in the remaining sail area and will very well lead you in a direction you...
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    Single person sailing - Easy with the Capri 14?

    Sidewinds Dear Paul: This starts to make fun for me. No kiddin! Sidewinds are blowing your boat off the trailer. Assuming your ramp is in North-South direction while most tradewinds blowing from west. But then I see you live nearby the mountains, guessing you are likely to sail in mountain...
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    Single person sailing - Easy with the Capri 14?

    Trailering the boat back Paul, No, never had trouble. The boat is somewhat lightweight with only 340 lbs. You can tug it in by hand. Get the winch hook in place; it will almost center itself onto the trailer.
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    Parts, Fixes and Woooo Hoooo!!!!

    Compass+Cover There is only little space for a fixed compass. I would suggest a digital one since they are flat and won't hurt your back during operation. You can get a cover with Walmart for about $50. Without an opening for the mast.
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    Cockpit Layout

    Get the book from the org. If that is too shallow information get a sailing book for dummies. I have some of them too and they are very helpful even if they don't show the C14. Another way is to look in the Google forums.
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Motor Mount You guys put way too much work and money in that little boat. With the heavy engines installed the center of gravity is in unfavour of her sailing abilities. I have put a MinnKota trailing motor plus battery in her. That is givig me hours of operation for no cost in gassoline and...
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    Single person sailing - Easy with the Capri 14?

    Sailing alone Yes, you can sail her all by yourself. When you go out the first time, take somebody with you to give you a hand. Do not sail in greater wind speed the first time. The Capri is a sport boat and may go quickly. Her setup is easy and does not need many fine adjustments while. I am...
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    How stable is this thing?

    Capsizing? I am sailing in Charlotte Bay/Florida. Spent the whole weekend out there on my boat. Had some puffs catching me, but capsizing was never an issue. Although, on some of my journeys around Sanibel Island on the rough ocean side it almost got me for some time. Furling the foresail is...
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    Centerboard hardware?

    Centerboard Missing Parts That is one of the reasons I would always do repairs by myself. You just don't know what you are getting back and the keel is essential to sailing. From the description of what is happening to the board I can't tell which part is missing in your case. But in quick...
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    I dont have a vang on my 14.2

    Missing Boom Vang The previous owner probably used the vang for something else to hive. They work very well as block and tackle for all kinds of tasks. And broke it never replacing it. You could call Catalina and ask for the original replacement. The Harken substitutes are better but expensive...
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    Which Alloy is Stainless Steel

    Anybody who knows which alloy the maststand is made of? I want to attach a backplate to the maststand. Avoids electrilytic current.
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    Desaster happened

    I just returned from my memorial day sailing trip and I am glad I made it to the dock. Using the Capri 14.2 center board model which is great in our shallow waters. Sailing Charlotte Harbour, Florida Gulf Coast. Winds were 8 mph sustained with <24 mph gusts, according to the weather forecast...
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    I'm on top of the world!!!!

    Congratulations on your new boat! Hey Earl, guess I am one of the guys who bet you out on eBay. Great boat! You will have a lot of fun with your kids. I am having a kid too. By the way... Ken
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    Need Info On Rigging Just Bought The Boat

    Rigging Needed Dear Jenny: The rigging of the Capri 14.2 is extremly easy. You can find out all by yourself as long as all equipment delivered is complete. The best is to rigg her up before going to water so everything sits in place upon the skippers (you) command. I can email you a copy of...