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    For Sale: Super clean Capri

    Sold! The boat has been sold. Jim
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    For Sale:  Super clean Capri

    For Sale – 1987 Catalina Capri 14.2 This boat is in almost new condition; it was completely gone over and refurbished in 2009. The boat has all new lines, new hiking straps, new Lexon hatch cover (Blue), new mast crutches made from Trex material, new masthead sheave, new roller furling...
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    mast pulley?

    Mast sheave Just replaced mine, I think I paid $22.00 from Catalina. Jim
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    Weighted Centerboard?

    Weighted Centerboard Hi Scott, I am also new to sailing. Purchased a 1987 Capri a few months ago. After finding this site and reading the numberous occurances of capsizing by new / inexperienced sailors, I decided to figure out how to improve the stability. The first thought was to add...
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    Improvement Pictures #2

    Hi Scott, Thank you for posting this helpful information; just completed this inprovement today, it works great. Any other ideas you have will be sincerely welcome. Thanks again, JimW