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    Forward Hatch Cover on the Omega 14

    That looks pretty secure and water tight. My design is different. I am going to try putting some household weather stripping down and see how that works. Thanks for your help. Jim
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    Forward Hatch Cover on the Omega 14

    Thank you. That is completely different that what I presently have. It appears much better made and much more water resistant. I will be thinking about duplicating something like yours out of wood and fiberglass. that I look closely. ...mine is somewhat different. Is the...
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    Forward Hatch Cover on the Omega 14

    My boat was restored before I purchased it. In that process I think they made a new hatch cover out of flat stock plastic. It SEEMS to fit nicely, but apparently leaks because when it rains the bin below it fills with water. I might consider making a new hatch cover if I thought I could...
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    Life line solo sailing

    When I capsized my crew went to the centerboard and I went to the gunnel that was in the water and held on. When the boat started to right it scooped me up into the boat. Then I healed the boat toward my crew and he held on to the shroud and pulled himself up, with some difficulty I might add...
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    Soft Bottom

    Interesting question. It would take some major work removing the "floor" just to get to the bottom if you wanted to reinforce it from the inside. On the Lidos they used to say that trailer bunks that ran across wise (athawart) were better because they didn't cause that problem. I don't think...
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    First post: Question about traveler mod

    I did a considerable amount of thinking, calculations and measurements regarding the aerodynamic forces and the interaction of the sails on the Omega. But more importantly, I have experimented with different sail trim on the Omega especially on the wind with a fresh breeze. The first thing to...
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    Omega 14 rail repair

    A couple of years ago, while sailing happily along in a strong breeze I noticed the rail I was sitting on was flexing. I weigh about 185 dressed. I didn't think it spoke very well for the strength of the boat, but didn't think more about it. This year the rail cracked open and it was obvious...
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    Omega Capri cubby board

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. My boat has a hatch in the bow that opens to a small storage area about the size of a bucket. It is odd shaped but roughly 19 by 16 inches. Are we talking about the same thing? You are talking about the Omega, correct? The problem I have is that if gets...
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    Mast pumping under certain circumstances

    When there is a moderate breeze (11-14 knots) and I am going outside the harbor solo I go out under main alone and the boat (Omega 14) sails and points fairly well I must say. However, I have one problem. When I'm on anything but a beat the mast pumps when I go over a small to medium sized...
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    Refurbishing 1983 Omega capri

    I just measured my sheets for you. I'm using 5/16 polyester stay set yacht braid for my jib sheets. It a piece 22'-8" with a girth hitch at the clew of the jib. My main is 7/16" and is 26'-6" long. It is none too long. I have it doubled only at the transom. I do not use additional parts...
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    Center Board up and down Strings

    My boat is an Omega, but the centerboard size and arrangement is the same, or at least Catalina has the same part numbers for the board and hardware. Anyway, I have a line to pull the centerboard up, although in the water it comes up about 90% because it floats. I also have a line on the...
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    Sail Specifications for the Omega 14

    Was that the Omega you were restoring Great Picture.
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    For Sale C14.2

    What Work does the trailer Need? What is the condition of the sails? Jim
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    Sail Specifications for the Omega 14

    Omega 14 is the little brother of the Capri 14.2. Catalina stopped making the Omega and switched to the Capri 14.2 yeas ago. If any Omega owners want the specifications for the sails you should take a look at the Sailritesails site...