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    Sunbrella Boat Cover

    >>> That cover looks fantastic! Much better than the silver tarp currently strapped over my 14. Response: Thanks for the complement on the look. I had the option of choosing from a multiple colors of Sunbrella, but I chose grey because I have read that grey does not absorb heat as much as...
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    Sunbrella Boat Cover

    About six months ago, I was looking to purchase a high quality Sunbrella cover to go over my entire C14.2, including the hull of the boat. I live in a very sunny state and I wanted to protect the entire boat from the sun. I found a seamstress who makes large, park type awning covers and she...
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    Whisker Pole Storage Ideas

    I am looking for ideas on where and how to store my whisker pole when it is not in use.
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    Motor on port or starboard side?

    Mounting a battery for electric motor Can you upload a picture of how you secured your battery? I am interested in investigating getting an electric motor, but I was not sure the best way to secure the battery. I recently bought a type III boat that has the wide hatch opening. I was...
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    Stern Mast Crutch

    Last weekend I bought a used Cataline 14.2. The trailer is a Trailrite and has a forward mast crutch. One end of the mast was tied to the bow end of the trailer on the mast crutch, but the other end was tied directly to the stern of the sailboat. Is there a mast crutch I can purchase that...
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    Improvement Pictures #1

    Boom Kicker I just bought a used Catalina 14.2 this past weekend. I am now learning how to rig it. I like the Boom Kicker that you showed in one of your pictures. Where did you get it and how much did it cost?