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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    Float Where can you get that float and how much do they run. any specail mounting hardware required?
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    Sails for Omega 14 wanted

    Saols problem I grew up in HB, not far from there now! Most of my kids went to school at Marina in Huntington Beach
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    Sails for Omega 14 wanted

    sails Jim, I may have some sails tucked away in storage. I will be a bit but i will check if I still have. Sold boat many years ago, sails are in bag. If I find them i will give them to you. If not ther is a place in Newport Beach called Minnies Ship Chandlery that has a huge inventory of...
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    Shaft Thanks, I appreciate the info!! After I made the post I found in the FAQ section the recomendation that a 25" long shft is needed. I cannot see why as the Transom dose not really sit that high in the back Thanks Bernie
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    history Page

    Thanks Thanks for all the help guys!!!
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    history Page

    Everyone keeps refering to the history page, where is it??? I went to forum section and cannot find, what am I doing wrong Thanks
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    Need Parts

    Just purchased an 88 14.2 and it nedds a little TLC in a few areas and I am looking for advice as to where I can purchase some items without havint to pay West Marine type prices. I need a new hatch cover, present one is wood and is rotted pretty bad., Prefer firberglass if they make one that...
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    Looking for a small motor to put on my 88 14.2, has a stainless steel piece to mount to but I was wondering if I need a short shaft motor or a long shaft? Can someone please advise? Thanks Bernie
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    Capri 14.4 parts

    Door Do you still have the fiberglass door? if so will it fit an 88