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    "My 1st sail in the Capri 14.2 and near mishap"

    Woodbark, congrats on the overall success! Sounds like a great day out on the boat. Just out of curiosity, what kind of knot did you use to tie up? Nothing like the little lessons that the boat itself teaches you.
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    "New, New, New"

    George, Sounds like you have a good approach and will be just fine. I have never been on a Hobie, but I'm guessing they feel a lot less "tippy" when moving about. (Flying a hull is probably a different story haha). I tried to go out last weekend. What a disaster. Winds were sustained...
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    "New, New, New"

    Good luck to you. Now is always the right time to start something you have been meaning to in my opinion. I am a brand new sailor myself and hoping to go on my second outing this weekend. Let me warn you now, this is a long post, so hit the bathroom, grab a drink then continue: Here...
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    High wind/heeling observation

    This caught my attention... what is the difference between this and heaving to? Does rudder position make the difference in preventing a capsize or is it a bad idea to attempt heaving to in this boat?
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    My first outing aka A noob with some really basic questions!

    Glad to see I'm not the only one! :) I'm sure it will get easier with practice. Is the prevailing wind always blowing on the dock? I have an old 2 stroke gas motor that was thrown in with the boat... I'm a bit worried about having it on if the boat goes over. Not sure if it would be...
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    Sailed the Gulf of Mexico

    Looks like an awesome week! Lucky kids and lucky you! :)
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    My first outing aka A noob with some really basic questions!

    Thanks again to everyone who chimed in. Some good advice for a beginner. I think as far as stepping in, I think i probably just need to step closer to the middle and get used to the feeling of the boat. Just to double check, heaving too is not a good idea in 10+ knot wind right? I'm...
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    My first outing aka A noob with some really basic questions!

    Hi Greg! Thanks for you answers. I really wasn't sure if I would be an idiot to launch with the main hoisted... or an idiot to launch without it hoisted... :o I guess it will take some time to feel like I'm not always moments away from capsizing. Good to know even people who have been...
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    My first outing aka A noob with some really basic questions!

    (Skip to the end for the questions if you don't want the first sail report). Hi everyone. I got a new to me 1977 Omega two weeks ago and got it out on the water for the first time this past Saturday. I took a basic keelboat course about 5 years ago and never got the chance to do any sailing...