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    boom line

    Is that picture, a picture of the new and improved capri 14. If it is.....wouldnt it make all of hte old boats obsolite (spelling?) ? BV
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    Sail Trim questions

    I dont know if putting the pole up works or not i was just always under that impression. The big boat sailing was awsome......I drove and we correctd out second in class...conditions were excelent. Brian
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    Sail Trim questions

    Correct me if im wrong Mr Hoffman, but it was always my understanding that when going on a reach, go for the pole as soon as possible to get the jib out form under the hole of he main? BV
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    Sailing San Diego Bay

    If you are a member of a yacht club in Southern California, you have reciprocal privileges and can launch from the cranes at Southwestern or San Diego Yacht Club, if you call and get their permission. And if you have it on a trailer and would simply like to launch from a ramp there is a ramp by...
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    Capri 14.2 for Sale #934

    Great Condition C-14 for Sale, # 934 Make Any Offer!!!!! Brand new mast, outfitted with old rigging. Nice north sails with life still left in them. Set of factory sails. Includes two wisker poles. Recently buffed out. Boat is ready to day sail or race. Old Cover included. Includes...
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    Sunday Series

    When is the next sunday series or weekend race? id like to bring out a friend and teach him how to sail. Brian
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    So? How did Nationals Go?

    I would personally like to congratulate Scott Hoffmann on an incredible regatta, throwing out a second UNBELEIVABLE. This young man was out not only beating his fleet but sailing into the gold fleet. He sailed a flawless reggata, he showed not only his natural ability but also that practice pays...
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    Mast step / Tabernackle question...

    I cut the bent bolt off, then un-screwed the mast step, and straighteened it like you said, and it worked wonderfully. Thank you all. Brian
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    Mast step / Tabernackle question...

    At the nats when i droped my mast it bent the plate and the bolt, the bolt is at a 90 degree angle, how do i fix it? And how do i straighten the mast step if i cant get that bolt off. Brian
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    So? How did Nationals Go?

    Before we went out, we droped the mast and checked everything, i swear. But coinsidently, on thursday when we raced you that same ring ding came out, and we replaced it and taped it all up. Coming out before the race was just luck. Here are the results...
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    So? How did Nationals Go?

    I think Dave Lueck got 3rd and Scott got fourth, but i could be wrong.
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    How many boats are planning on coming out next weekend for the nationals? Just trying to get a rough estimant. Brian Vanderspek
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    Pole Launcher......

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    Want to buy used racing sails

    what is your price range for used racing sails?