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    Extreme Light Wind Racing Tuning/Handling

    Hi Everyone, As I've posted before, the majority of my sunfish racing is on small NE + midwest lakes with light/flukey summer breeze. Most afternoon breezes build to 8-10 knots but, more often than not, we're racing in unpredictable 4-7 knot breeze. Yes, it's as much fun as it sounds... That...
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    Adjusting Gooseneck mid-race for Run

    Hi Everyone - Was recently racing in very light, shifty small lake winds (between 3 and 8 knots, only occasional gusts). As a 6'2, 180 pound guy against mostly lighter competition I tend to go with an aggressive a gooseneck setting - yesterday was at 12" with the halyard dropped to 104". Felt...
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    Gaff Halyard Placement - Going to Extremes

    Hi everyone - read and appreciated this forum for long time. Figured overdue to dive in. Curious to hear everyone's thoughts on gaff halyard placement. I know most tuning guides suggest somewhere around 106-7" as measured from the black cap by the tack of sail. I understand that lowering this...