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    Mast step donut question - 1978 Laser

    You'll want to dig out as much as you can without damaging the tube. The goal is to have a gap between the tube and the mounting block that can be filled level with epoxy. Then after surface preparation, wetted strips of mat can be laid from the hull, up over the block and up the tube; thus...
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    Mast step donut question - 1978 Laser

    Welcome aboard. I have done several mast tubes, including my own 1980 vintage boat. I would generally echo bclarks comments, although if the tube is holding water, I would use unthickened epoxy so that it will flow into every crevice, nook and cranny. Then, I would roughen up the inside of...
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    Older boat (74) condition

    Welcome aboard. It may very well be that the trailer is worth as much as the boat, so figure $350 each. That makes it a bargain, but I would not say that to the seller! However, I would point out that the boat does need to be repaired and see if you can negotiate a lower price. Lasers are...
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    Laser Inspection Port Placement

    It will have to be in the deck itself and per above, avoid the centerline so as to not compromise the integrity of the support rib. When I do a mast tube, I usually place it directly abeam (9:00 using the system above). This way, you can get as close to the hull as possible when sticking your...
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    Laser Mast Step Replacement - my experience

    A well done to both of you. This is something that not a lot of people would attempt. Thanks for sharing.
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    New Traveller Cleat Approved?

    Glad to see this finally. I remember arguing with a Measurer over this issue a few years ago.
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    New to me!!

    Welcome to the Asylum. You will also find the "class legal" double padeye is made of such a low grade of stainless that it'll start rusting straight away and you'll see orange stains around the base and screw holes. Don't let the Laser Police catch you with a Bottle Port either!!!!! The...
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    Need Help please

    Well my friend, you are a very lucky. It is a rather new one and as stated above just needs some TLC. IMHO, you have a couple of choices - 1. clean it up and learn to sail it, at which point you will join a worldwide brotherhood of fellow Laser sailors and be welcomed wherever these boats are...
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    Few ?'s...New to me Laser needs some work

    Congratulations for getting her afloat again. I'm sure it was a feeling of accomplishment. Some of your earlier posts indicate a liberal use of sealant to make repairs, particularly as it pertains to the mast step. I suggest you invest in some West System and their fabulous book called...
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    how critical are screw sizes (length)

    In a manufacturing environment, items like screws are standardized so as to achieve an economy of scale. The cored deck of a Laser is 5/8" (15.875 mm) thick. On the centerline at attachment points such as the traveler cleat, the foam is supplanted by plywood. Naturally, you cannot find a 5 x...
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    Few ?'s...New to me Laser needs some work

    I believe that the cockpit deck is foam cored like the deck proper and has probably delaminated. This can be repaired using West System by drilling a series of holes and injecting epoxy. It is not the prettiest when completed, but it will do the job. Below find an image of the only attachment...
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    Video: Sailing At Tomales Bay

    Very cool.
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    Jotag Dolly from Intensity Sails

    In my group, we have a few of the Jotags and have been very pleased with them. The newer ones have foam filled wheels which eliminates the flat tire issues. The gunwale supports are well worth the extra $20. However, use loctite when putting on the acorn nuts as they can come loose. I will...
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    Did he, or didn't he? World Cup Laser medal race

    I watched in on YouTube proper at full screen. At first glance, it appears like he touched it with the boom because the buoy seems to move as if rubbed by the boom, but I think it is just coincidence. You can also see the same phenomenon with a few subsequent boats. The buoy also doesn't...
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    New MKII sail VS Old MK1

    Thanks for the info. I'll be sailing a practice MKII this season and am really excited to try it out. BTW, lose = not win, loose = not tight.