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    Thrift Store Sunfish!

    Always on my shelf. You could also use it to fill the cracks in your wooden rudder. Use a plastic squeegee or credit card and coat the whole thing, then sand and paint or cover with spar poly (my preference over paint)
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    How to repair cracked coaming?

    I didn’t think the splashguard was structural? And spending $45 on a rivnut gun that you’ll use once is more than I care to spend!
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    How to repair cracked coaming?

    Super easy, yes, but I wouldn’t remove the coaming or you may end up with a much bigger job getting it back on. I took mine off to paint the deck. The screws left big holes. A RIVNUT gun is expensive and proper size rivets were a pain to find. Then I had to fill in and redrill all the...
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    How wet is too wet?

    On the other hand... you say you bought two Sunfish and a trailer, but really only wanted the trailer. If drying out and working on a second Sunfish isn’t what you’re into or you don’t need another boat taking up space, stick with your original plan. Sell the parts if they’re decent, offer up...
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    Next Step: Major Cockpit Crack Repair

    Thanks, Signal Charlie! I decided not to paint the cockpit, thinking it will quickly get scratched up and not wanting a buyer to think I was hiding the repair. Just posted on craigslist and I will post here, also (though the buy/sell section doesn’t seem to happen much on this forum, from my...
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    Thrift Store Sunfish!

    It’s a nice looking repair. I’d think you could wet sand that tape residue off with a little more gentle persuasion. You got the deal of the century on that Sunfish and have promptly prepared it for sail. When’s the maiden voyage?
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    Thrift Store Sunfish!

    For $50 you got a great board. I've had no issues with the same style.
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    How to match top side off white color?

    Pettit Easypoxy is a one part paint. It's a good choice and comes in many colors. If you're painting the deck I'd paint the stripes, as well.
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    Maybe this will be my Sunfish

    What's a Sunfish like this one selling for in the Netherlands? It does look nice, but definitely needs to have some work done. Make sure it's not too heavy. If I were buying I probably wouldn't offer more than $400-$450 or $600-650 with the trailer.
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    Thrift Store Sunfish!

    Confirmation- the pin works either way
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    Scorpion Rudder

    The ‘better way’ is to find a Scorpion rudder. I’ve never seen a Scorpion gudgeon modified to fit a Sunfish rudder and I don’t think it will fit, even if you somehow opened the holes where the pintle goes. I also don’t think you can modify the Sunfish rudder to fit the Scorpion gudgeon! The...
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    Soon to be mine?

    Well, OK, I’ve got both of those, and I forgot, I have a power drill, too... But I rarely use the Sawzall!
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    Minifish Hull to Tub

    Right- And I love that there’s no seam, no trim, rolled edges. I’m thinking that under the Mini cockpit is like this sacrificial Sunfish I cut up last summer- only smaller. In my original post I said I ‘busted the seal’ meaning the glue blobs holding cockpit floor to hull.
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    Phantom 14 overhaul

    First you need to determine where the water is coming in. You say you need to ‘reinforce the mast hole’. Is it leaking there? Fill the mast step with water. Wait 30 min. If it’s still full, no leak. Do a leak (pressure) test. Use Search on this forum for full instructions. Patch the...
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    Minifish Hull to Tub

    No inspection ports in this Mini. I’m not concerned so much about a leak, but I don’t want to compromise the structural integrity of the boat. The port side of the hull compresses noticeable when I push on it. I think mixmkr ‘s idea should work, or I may add a port in the rear of the cockpit...