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    Help with new sunfish and wooden dinghy boat

    You will want to drill out the rivets (1/8” bit) and carefully remove that section of aluminum trim at the bow to make an effective repair there. Do a leak test- lots of info here or at Signal Charlie’s Small Boat Restoration site on how that’s done. Looks like a nice Sunfish that just needs...
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    AMF Sunfish Cool Cat Cooler

    I just sold mine with a Sunfish. I had it sitting on a shelf for about ten years. They are hard to find, but occasionally pop up. Someone here was selling one recently- Alan G, maybe? Check the for sale section on this forum, don’t know if it’s still available.
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    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    You already have the port and easy access to the blocks. Follow the directions for the 2-part pour then go sailing! At 135 you’re in great shape. I wouldn’t waste prime sailing time with a dehumidifier in your hull. If that’s needed at all do it off season. Looks like you’ve got a nice...
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    Maiden voyage

    Lookin’ great out there, Yellow Duck and smkunder! The lake looks a lot like where I sail. Enjoy every minute!
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    Great Deal on Vintage Sailfish Spars

    If you’re in the MA/New Hampshire area there’s a great deal on craigslist for a set of very early wooden spars for a Sailfish (65 SF, so won’t fit a Sunfish, but will fit a Mini or Sailfish). Even has the leather gooseneck and the sail. Not mine, and a bit too far away for me but hope someone...
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    Sailfish Timeline

    Wow, thanks SC for spreading the MKII word on your site! I truly appreciate it. Good advice on the additional info for updating my ad- the SUP popularity is HUGE around here. Personally, I don’t get it, but people (and their dogs) seem to love them. I get to work on my navigation skills...
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    Sailfish Timeline

    I've seen what your "outside" looks like and am envious! But I suppose my limited space keeps my sailboat fleet somewhat manageable. Now I'm down to two Sunfish, two Sailfish, three Minifish and a West Wight Potter 15. (I won't mention all the boats without sails!) The goal is to get the Potter...
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    Sailfish Timeline

    Thanks, SC. I saw that timeline but didn’t know it was for Sailfish, too. The yahoo site has some great info, for sure. That beautiful 1969 SS is on craigslist now. I wish I could keep them all, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day or enough square feet in the garage. I sold two...
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    New member looking for some advice on a project Sailfish

    FishFlyer, I’ve got a similar wooden Sailfish in my garage. You’re inspiring me to pull it out and freshen it up. The green and white sail is my favorite color combo, too. The early Sailfish sail may have been 65 sf? Not positive on that- but the Sunfish sail definitely works at 75 sf and...
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    Sunfish transportation tips and advice.

    Great advice and valuable information from signal charlie and Tom Pace! SC, aren’t you working on a book that teaches knots? (when you’re not building and rebuilding boats, sailing, filming, and writing other books???)
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    New member looking for some advice on a project Sailfish

    Did you check the mast hole for the leak? Fill it with water and watch- if water drains into the hull you’ve found a leak. Yes, the foam can hold a lot of water weight. Hope the maiden voyage goes well- keep us posted!
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    Sunfish transportation tips and advice.

    You can always rent a small UHaul to get it home safely, then not feel so rushed to have the trailer bought and ready.
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    Sunfish transportation tips and advice.

    Not wild about the trailer for the reasons mentioned above. Also, does the previous owner have registration papers? Probably not if he doesn’t mention it. Does the trailer have a visible VIN? If not, I’d walk away and not risk a ticket on a 500 mile trip and a major hassle getting it...
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    '67 Sunfish

    “Tow the sailboat back to the ramp”? Sounds like there’s more to this story!
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    Sailfish Timeline

    Thanks, Beldar!