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    The Final Hurdle - Boat Trailer

    Here’s one that I think is close to you- a bit of a project but it looks solid. Easy to add new bunks and lights, probably needs new tires, but the price seems fair. Not mine!
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    Something loose behind the cockpit.

    Probably an old backer block or a fiberglass strap that went over the block. If you don’t have a port to shake it out then just turn up the radio.
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    Scorpion sailboat

    SC, Is the 1/8th inch diameter and 1/8th inch grip (short) aluminum the only thing for the Sunfish in this package?
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    Advice on improving sunfish metal trim looks.

    Yes, I have found Norton and 3M to be the best sandpaper, as well. Ocean State Job Lot has cheap and lousy paper- no savings if it doesn’t get the job done! A real case of ‘‘you get what you pay for”
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    Dressing up spar, boom and mast.

    I’d name her Creamsicle...
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    Scorpion sailboat

    160 is great for a Scorpion. In other words, you don’t need to cut ports!
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    Getting Ready to Refinish the Daggerboard, Tiller and Rudderblade - Tips?

    Guybrush, we’ve all been there. Don’t be so hard on yourself and certainly don’t lose sleep over this! I usually learn by trial and error, and the good advice always offered on this forum. Epoxy can be tricky. I made the dumb mistake of applying it to my rudder and daggerboard in my damp...
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    Dressing up spar, boom and mast.

    I also sanded off the chipped and cheesy fake wood sticker on the splashguard. Clean white looks so much nicer!
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    Dressing up spar, boom and mast.

    Yikes, I certainly never intended to violate any sanctity! But since I have, I’ll have fun with it and go with that barber pole idea ;) I’ve got a red white and blue mini sail to match. Thanks for the quick response, SC!
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    Mast cup issue

    First I’ve got to dry out that mast step! Good think I’ve got 4 other boats I’m working on.
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    Dressing up spar, boom and mast.

    Have I sanded off the anodized finish with the 800 grit wet/dry? It had to be done to remove the black crud, but I don’t want the added work or expense of Rustoleum/clearcoat if it’s not necessary.
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    Mast cup issue

    I just leak tested my free Minifish hull and was thrilled to find the daggerboard trunk didn’t bubble and the only leak was in the mast step. Once I took a look in there I could see why. An easy fix, I’ll mix up some Six-10 today and seal up that resin-starved fiberglass.
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    1st time (2nd time ever) in a loooong time

    Sounds like fun! Next time (assuming it’s not another 8-9 years) you’ll spend a little more time in the groove and a little less time in irons.