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    Finishing up my 1983 Sunfish

    How's the flex seal holding up? Did you do another leak test after applying it, or just go sailing? I sure understand your eagerness to get out there on the water. When you're ready to do the repair it really isn't bad. The hardest part was finding the right size rivets for reinstalling the...
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    Brand new daggerboard

    Beautiful work, Alan!
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    Missing Expansion Foam on 1972 Sunfish?

    Great Stuff tempted me, but from my research it was not the way to go. I was nervous about the 2-part expanding foam, as my prep photos show, but with a 25 second working time I really didn't want to screw up! It worked really well and I reattached both blocks without blowing the lid off my...
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    Brand new daggerboard

    You’re teaching your son well! Beautiful woodwork.
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    Blast from the Past

    Signal Charlie mentioned some ideas of what to do with an old sail and it reminded me of how I learned to love the Sunfish as a kid at summer camp. Our sailing instructor was (and still is) a great man. If you won the race that day it was announced in the dining hall, with exciting detail...
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    So I bought another sunfish....

    One of the few times I wished there was a ‘Love’ tab on this forum- like isn’t enough! Sweet pic!
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    So I bought another sunfish....

    You did so well with the last resto you decided to do it again... that’s how it starts! Looks like you got a nice deal on a worthy project. Nothing wrong with those deck drains- they’re hard to come by. I think there were only two years that had drains on both port and starboard. Very cool...
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    First post...Bought 1999 Vanguard Sunfish for $300...

    So true on all counts!
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    New sailor here!

    Sunfish Don’t know where you are in Indiana, this could be 2 hrs or much more from you. Not my boat. Looks like a great deal and has the new style rudder. Keep an eye on craigslist for your best bet finding a used Sunfish.
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    Right On trailer

    Quite a distance from you, but if you’re ever this way here’s a nice one (not my posting, just always looking at boats and trailers) 2018 Right on trailer
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    AMF Minifish Complete and Ready to Sail!

    Wasn't "trying" anything and didn't mean to offend you. Good luck with your sale.
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    AMF Minifish Complete and Ready to Sail!

    You started at $500, then “dropped it” to $550, then a “final drop” to your original price ;) Just an observation.
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    Dollies: Jotag versus Dynamic ...

    Great deal on a Dynamic dolly on craigslist in Patchogue, NY Just a bit too far for me. Sailboat/sunfish dolly
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    New to me Sunfish

    The PVC tube is great, especially if you can mount it on your trailer, but they are expensive new ($150 or so) and hard to come by used. You'll need an 8" diameter tube, 10' or a bit more in length, and end caps. I keep my spars and sails in a long, zippered canvas spar bags and that has...
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    Wooden Spars

    Thanks, Signal Charlie. You're right, I've never seen the tabbed bow handle on a fiberglass boat. It's also a much better quality handle- no pitting at all after all these years on any of the three 'woodies' I've owned. They just don't make 'em like they used to!