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    1963 Wooden Sunfish

    There is something about wood that makes an already great boat shape into a work of art. Enjoy!
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    going to see a boat for sale

    I noticed some points you can use for negotiation. Looks like there is at least one repair in the sail. Possibly the deck has been painted, there seems to be a little bit of blue showing on the coaming. Since it has been painted, look for fiberglass repairs. Good Luck, BrainCorrel
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    Sail Symbol Restoration

    This is about as close as I can get to a silk screen on my budget.
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    What to wear sailing

    Nice, but most of those cost more than my boat:) Brian
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    Sail Symbol Restoration

    I just realized my Super Porpoise on the sail is just visible enough to trace and bring it back into full view. I am guessing I have a Dacron sail. I am not sure what is used to make the symbols originally, or what I could use to enhance mine. I have a friend that can do vinyl cut-outs...
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    What to wear sailing

    Went to the fair this year the natural resources department had a free introduction to kayaking. They recommended wearing polyester for boating. I had an old soccer jersey and it worked great! Water just roles off. Who knew those shirts in the 70s were good for more than making wild...
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    Mounting a Harken 240 Mount on Super Porpoise

    An Update, I just tried the pictured arrangement in post eight. It was terrible I just screwed the big block on to one of the existing holes of the cleat and then made another hole. It stayed attached. The problem was that the block did not swivel as the angle of the mainsheet changed...
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    proud father

    Congratulations! I just took my boy 13 out today. Weather was awesome. We did our first dock launch. Good thing the docks were made of plastic. BrainCorrel
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    Some fiberglass work

    I have similar problem. Did you replace the entire spash rail with the new molded version or did you just add in the molded section to the broken end. BrainCorrel
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    Sunfish rudder on a scorpion?

    I just measured the gudgeon dimension on my scorpion 4-3/16. The other issue could be the clearance above the bracket. It looks like there is only 5/16 clearance between the top of the bracket and the bottom of the deck trim. BrainCorrel
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    modern day clonefish?

    I only paid 75.00 for my boat. + Fiberglass repair + Tax, Title registration + hours on the net + Trailer repair + life jackets + Paddles. All I have to show for it is a fortune in brass. Ok not too bad. Forgot to mention all of the fun sailing:D.
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    modern day clonefish?

    I agree with Wayne it looks a lot like my Scorpion except for the crazy paint job. BrainCorrel
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    Never sailed before, some questions

    Motion sickness is hard to determine for everyone. I will say that I am prone to getting motion sickness, in backs of cars, buses and larger boats and especially any amusement park ride that spins, but have never had trouble in a Sunfish. I have never heard of anyone getting motion sick...
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    Mounting a Harken 240 Mount on Super Porpoise

    Decided to drop my wife's camera in through the port and see what I could learn about the backing plate on the inside of the tub. I am guessing I need a port, if nothing else but to clean up my foam block job. If there are any backing blocks on this boat they are covered with glass.
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    Just bought a Sunfish. (lots of pics.)

    Looks like a start to a great adventure. Thank you for the pictures. Believe it or not, a lot of people suggested using exterior latex paint. They said it is made to protect from the sun and is fairly durable. I used white on the bottom of both of my boats. It is pretty good...