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    Center Board Rigging

    Rick, There was another forum member a while back that had posted a scanned owners manual which shows that set up. Fair Winds! Brad Capri 14.2 #1108
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    New owner has a rigging question

    Kent - Glad that you are enjoying the boat. They are great boats. The Cunningham on my boat had a knot on end and the line passed through the hole on the gooseneck then up and passes through the sail and back down to the clam cleat on the starboard side of the mast. As for the line from...
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    New Guy...Old Capri

    No Eric, I purchased the just this year and I am the 4th owner. I have been able to track down the 2nd owner and he had purchased it from a neighbor who no longer lives near him. Unfortunately I was unable to figure out why the sail numbers differ from the boat.
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    New Guy...Old Capri

    Eric, Back in March of this year I attended the Pacific All Sail Expo in Oakland, CA and there was a new Capri 14.2 at the show. It was identical to my 86' except for the roller furling jib. All of the rigging, both standing and running were the same. They truly are a one design. Nice...
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    Newbee question regarding Leech telltale on main

    Thank you for the information, Brian. I did replace the standing rigging prior to my first sail and I have checked it and found that both the shrouds and when rigged the forestay were way too tight. I have loosened the rig to your guidelines and will try it out Friday when I head up to our...
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    What's your year/number?

    Welcome to the Capri world, Marti! I as well am a new owner of a used Capri 14.2 which I got in May as well. My boat is a 1986, hull number 1108 however the sail is not original as it's number it 1878. I do not have all of the history of my boat from the original owner as I am the 4th. The...
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    Newbee question regarding Leech telltale on main

    Thanks Ed! I will try that the next time out. I will remove the additional telltales on the main. I was thinking that there were an awful lot of telltales. I think that one of the previous owners probably purchased a pack of telltales and used them all. Fair Winds, Brad
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    Newbee question regarding Leech telltale on main

    I am a fairly new owner of a used Capri 14.2 and I have a question regarding the leech telltales on the main. Last night I was sailing on our local lake here in central California in very light winds of 2 to 6 knots. I have the factory sails and the main has two sets of telltales on the luff...
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    Hiking straps....yes Im new too !!!!!

    I believe the '94 and the '87 as well as my '86 model were all set up the same way. I have a bungee that is attached on one end to the centerboard and the other attaches to the padeye on the transom. There are two hiking straps forward and one behind the barney post. I also have a bungee that...