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    Sea Stories

    Hey there, I am collaborating with a small team of Coast Guard veterans to put together a collection of sea stories that will have both entertainment and academic value. The idea is to find 100 original and authentic stories from across the various maritime sects (industrial, military...
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    After much thought I feel like this is a bad question. Like asking which is preferred, a truck or a car? The problem is that there are variables we all use to decide on which type of vessel we want and/or want to buy. Listing the variables for one person could be useless to the other. Cost...
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    Finally got rid of nagging elbow tendonitis from sailing

    Thanks! I had the same thing I gave myself rock climbing, amongst other things. I am currently not able to start my outboard with my right arm. Though after a month of practice, my left is becoming more useful to me. I've had a lot of success with Ice and Saunas. I'll give the diet a whirl.
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    Help a college student! I am doing research on sailing....

    Outboard motors are useful. I've experience with outboards on little fishing john boats, canoes, and smaller platforms. Also, I've been on moarding teams in the Coast Guard which use boats from 25 to 25 feet with outboards. My current position is on an aluminum platform, 22' plus a swim step...
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    VA Housing Loan to Buy Boat?

    You're right. Most of my friends who have settled down have used loans from other sources. I do not have the best of credit and the VA loan works a little better for my situation, assuming it will work on vessels. Thanks!
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    VA Housing Loan to Buy Boat?

    Thanks for the research. I've found the same info before, though I've also spoke with a USAA rep and was told that the VA home loan could work with the proper inspection by a agreed on agent. I've heard from other boat brokers that they've dealt with the VA loan process before. Thanks again...
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    VA Housing Loan to Buy Boat?

    Hello sailing world. I was wondering if any of you have heard of any veterans using their home loans to purchase a boat. I've been receiving a lot of different answers from both the VA and from realtors. Though, it would make sense to me that if the vessel could qualify as a home (head...
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    Which is your favorite sunset and where?

    I love looking back at my old photographs from my days in the Coast Guard. This is taken from a USCG 378' cutter. I'm stuck sailing in a bay now, and I miss the space and scenery of the open sea. Sunsets in the middle of the Pacific are always good.
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    What Questions Would You Want Answered about Sailing the Bahamas on a Budget?

    Where to rent a boat. Cheapest time of year, to travel. How to beat the crowds. That type of thing. Have you created this blog/webinar yet?
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    New Sailor Question

    If you're lady friend is new to the water as well, ensure your boat fits her needs. It is too easy for couples to argue over boats and sailing. So with that said, I would make sure whatever you end up buying is comfortable and suitable for your lady friend. This was my mistake purchasing...