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    Big Site Updates

    @L&VW Your username is changed. Also, the issue that wouldn't let you change it yourself is corrected.
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    Big Site Updates

    Hi @Light and Variable Winds, Would you be willing to try our new automated change option? Its at Tools > Your Account or just go to Let me know if it doesn't work and I'll be glad to do it manually. Also, you shouldn't lose any post credits...
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    Big Site Updates

    The site was long over due for a hardware/OS/software update and its mostly complete! For those of you interested here's what's new: New VPS, with additional dedicated Ram Fresh OS install with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Now serving all content via HTTPS (signed by Updated to Xenforo...
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    Updated  GEORGIA Some Location Data lost in the update

    Some Threads are missing location data do to the update. You can add this back to your posts by clicking the edit button next to it. You can now filter by the new version of the fields with the options on the right side of the screen (bottom of the screen on mobile devices). I will try to...
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    PHP 5.6 test
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    Email Alert

    Just to confirm: Everything is back online with Amazon. You should hopefully receive an email notification of this message. Let me know if you still are not receiving anything. Thanks, Bradley
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    Email Alert

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the heads up. We use Amazon AWS for sending email and there was a problem with our account that they didn't bother to email me about. The problem has been resolved and email service should resume shortly. Bradley
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    2006 Laser Pro & Trailer

    Renewed for 90 days.
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    Email by Amazon SES

    In an effort to make the email sent from our domains more secure and less likely to be marked as spam, we are now processing mail via Amazon SES. Depending on your provider, you may see a notice like "via" on emails generated by our site. The emails are signed with our DKIM...
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    I'm sorry for the issues with the responsiveness of the server and the database. We are migrating to a new server. Throughout the evening, your ISP should be updating your DNS to contact our new (faster) server. You should see much improved page load times! Thanks for your patience as we get...
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    Forum Updates Tonight 11PM ET (UTC -4)

    The upgrade is partially complete. I had to upgrade some backend software before I could upgrade the server and database. More updates to come early next week. Let me know if you run into any bugs.
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    Forum Updates Tonight 11PM ET (UTC -4)

    The forum will be closed tonight to upgrade to the latest version and move our database over to the Amazon RDS cloud. The upgrades will probably take a few hours but should result in a faster service with less SQL related errors / crashes. It also increases our storage capacity so we can...
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    Wooden Sailfish Restoration

    Thread split.
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    Roof racking or trailering... Vote for which you like best?

    I have reopened the poll at the top of this thread. It's about a year old, but I think we can keep collecting opinions.
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    Edit Used Boat Ad

    You should see an edit button under the first post in the thread. Click on that to edit. You must be logged in to the account you used to create the ad to edit. Let me know if the edit link is not showing up for you.