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    Yahoo Group Sunfish_Sailor Shutting Down

    I just wanted to drop in to say that Sailing Forums isn’t going anywhere! The site is ad supported and while I don’t want anyone clicking ads just for fun, when you support our sponsors like Intensity Sails you help cover the costs to run the forum. We do serve more ads to people who are NOT...
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    Forums are upgraded to XenForo 2.1.4 && Dark Mode Coming Soon

    Forums are updated to the latest XenForo release. Let me know if you run into any bugs. I'm working on an update that will bring OS Based dark mode support to the style. Also Push Notifications are now supported on Chrome and Edge on desktop and Android devices. I personally have an iPhone, so...
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    LaserPerformance Sunfish Parts: Poor Consistency

    If you do reach out, let us know what SF Direct says.
  4. Bradley and APS to end Partnership after more than a decade

    Thanks Tag! Big thanks goes out to @Wavedancer for all his efforts quickly slaying the spam bots that get through (among other things). I was caught a bit off guard by APS's change in direction myself. I think the online marketplace has to be tough with the likes of Amazon undercutting prices...
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    Updates SOLD items not reported

    90 Days hard cut off it is. I'll implement shortly!
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    Updates SOLD items not reported

    No way to know really. Ads timeout after a certain amount of inactivity, however, each “is it still available?’ Post resets that timer. Maybe a hard cut off on posts after 90 days? If the post is that old and the author isn't replying its probably no longer for sale.
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    My Viewpoint: Cartoons on the 2019 ILCA vote and rule change

    @LooserLu, so happy to see you back on the site! I enjoy reading the opinions of those across the pond. The cartoons definitely made me chuckle!
  8. Bradley and APS to end Partnership after more than a decade

    As part of an upcoming inventory change, our partnership with Annapolis Performance Sailing, LTD. that is nearly as old as is coming to an end this month. APS is moving in a new direction with their storefront, both in person and online. They are transitioning away from Hardware...
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    Welcome to the Gamma Class!

    I tend to agree with LaLi. I would think they would use something that incorporated the L in ILCA. However, maybe they are thinking of rebranding the class worldwide to a trademark they own entirely. It's going to be odd to use 2 different names depending on which region the boat is sold in. I...
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    New Class Website

    The class has a new website at USA 470 Class Association, however the 470 forum will still be a part of
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    Big Site Updates

    @L&VW Your username is changed. Also, the issue that wouldn't let you change it yourself is corrected.
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    Big Site Updates

    Hi @Light and Variable Winds, Would you be willing to try our new automated change option? Its at Tools > Your Account or just go to Let me know if it doesn't work and I'll be glad to do it manually. Also, you shouldn't lose any post credits...
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    Big Site Updates

    The site was long over due for a hardware/OS/software update and its mostly complete! For those of you interested here's what's new: New VPS, with additional dedicated Ram Fresh OS install with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Now serving all content via HTTPS (signed by Updated to Xenforo...
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    Updated  GEORGIA Some Location Data lost in the update

    Some Threads are missing location data do to the update. You can add this back to your posts by clicking the edit button next to it. You can now filter by the new version of the fields with the options on the right side of the screen (bottom of the screen on mobile devices). I will try to...
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    PHP 5.6 test