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    Nice 1986 14.2 - Dallas

    Hi, I have 1986 14.2 in excellent condition. 2 sets of sails (original and newer), 1 roller furling jib, 1 hank on New Hobie Mast Bob New "Boom Kicker" New standing rigging Galvanized Dilly trailer Cover Boarding Ladder Motor Mount This boat is the best 1986'er I've seen when I was...
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    14.2's in texas?

    Hey there....I just brought home my new (to me) 14.2 last weekend!!! It's a 1987 model - found it in Austin.....boat is in incredible shape, better than most newer one I looked at!! I have yet to take it out - but am excited to do so this weekend!!! A couple things I ordered are a boomkicker...
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    New 14.2 prices??

    Hi, am considering a new 14.2 and am wondering what the "average" price new is.....From what I've seen so far, one with trailer/roller furling etc. has ranged from 7 to 8 thousand??? Do prices vary much depending on where in country?? Seems like a bit much for size boat, but since I hav'nt...
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    14.2's in texas?

    Hi there.... I'm not yet a 14.2 owner, but am looking.... I'm in Dallas.... I sailed these boats a little in the past and found them to be a lot of fun.....I seem to be having difficulty finding a "newer" used one near am considering new.....If and when I finally do get one it would...
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    14.2 Wanted - Dallas

    Hi... Looking for 14.2 in good shape with trailer..... -Bob