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    For Sale:  1992 Model 2 - Washington, DC area

    Trailer (Long) with LED lights, New rolling furling jib (North Sails), 2 hp Honda motor, Slip at Washington Sailing Marina until 3/2010, 2 covers, tiller extension and tamer, jib wisker pole. Everything you need to go sailing. Boat has been well maintained and is in excellent condition. Can...
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    Chesapeake, Maryland - Anyone?

    Haven't forgotten you I keep meaning to get up there but have been trying to focus on sailing in Regattas. Steve from Va and I sailed in the Leukemia Cup Regatta in Alexandria, Va last Saturday. I use the word "sail" loosely since there was next to no wind. I wasn't able to finish but Steve...
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta

    Thanks for the info Thanks for alerting me to the Regatta. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm trying to see what I can do to attend. I've never raced before and it sounds like a great informal way to get my feet wet ( hopefully not!). My problem is I live in Bethesda, MD and it's a 4+ hour...
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    Barnacles on bottom of boat !!

    I need help!! I kept my boat in the water during the Spring and Summer and when I pulled it out to store for the Winter I was astonished to find the bottom of the boat covered with BARNACLES ! I guess that's the price you pay for the convience of not having to launch ever time you want to go...
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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    To all Chesapeake Sailors underDAWG and I have set a date of Saturday - Sept 25th to meet at Sandy Point for a day of Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. We hope that the rest of you can join us. The more the merrier. I'll follow up with a time but for now reserve the 25th. Please let me know...
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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    Dates for Sandy Point Meeting After consulting with my wife ( a non-sailor) and the Calendar let me suggest the weekends of Sept 11-12 or the 25 - 26th. I deliberately avoided the Labor Day weekend. Does either of these dates work for the rest of you ??
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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    WOW - it sounds like we have 4 possible boats - this could turn into a regatta! I haven't launched at Sandy Point my self but I see where the channel leading in and out is narrow. If we were lucky there is quite frequently a Southeastern wind which should be OK for getting in and out of the...
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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    Another Chesapeake Bay Sailor ! It seems our numbers are growing ! That's great now if we could only get together. I sail out of Cape St Clair/Annapolis. I've been sailing my 14.2 since May when I purchased it. Have already had the delightful experience of turtling it. I usually sail alone...
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    She flipped and turtled

    I've joined the Turtling Club Will after 2 months of sailing my Capri I finally had the experience of flipping it. Sailing alone can be quite trilling! When I was tacking in a strong wind I forgot to uncleat the main sheet while I was tending to the Jib and when I came about the wind hit the...
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    Mod 2 fiberglass cubby and cover

    I don't need the cubby but need a cloth cover. Would be willing to pay for shipping. Question: Did you leave the space under the deck where the cubby use to be empty ?
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    Centerboard - problem keeping it down !

    I sailed my Capri 14.2 for the first time on Saturday and had a big problem keeping my centerboard down. The bungee cord that is attached doesn't seem to have much tension in it. I tried tying a knot in it to take up some of the slack but it didn't do much good. The water near the shores of...
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    I'll put my two cents worth in for the Honda 2hp motor. I sailed my Capri 14.2 for the first time on Saturday and found the motor was useful in getting me out of a few tight spots - oh those shallow waters on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. I bought the motor for the following reasons: 1...