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    Sunfish Sailboat Parts

    My guess is that packaging and mailing from Florida to NY could be between $80 to $100. Let me know if you want to pursue. Call me at 772-485-3217.
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    Wanted Sunfish Upper Spar and Lower Boom along with Gooseneck - Florida area

    I may have what you need, and I'm in Stuart, Florida. See attached pictures. Lower boom appears to have been pieced together, I see two cuts either side of the gooseneck. It is also missing an endcap. The upper boom is bowed somewhat. I can be reached at 772-485-3217..
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    FLORIDA Sunfish Sailboat Parts

    Cleaning out miscellaneous parts for Sunfish Sailboats. Rudder, Tiller, Centerboard, and related hardware, complete sets One set for post-1972 Sunfish sailboats, Mahogony. $250. One set for pre-1972 Sunfish Sailboats. Pre 1972 Rudder and Tiller sold, Centerboard available for $50...
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    1979 AlCort AMF Sunfish Sailboat for Sale, Recently Restored

    Boat has sold. It is no longer available.
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    1979 AlCort AMF Sunfish Sailboat for Sale, Recently Restored

    I just finished restoring a classic 1979 Sunfish Sailboat that has made its way between family members over several generations. It’s finished and in great sailing condition. Now it’s time to pass it on to a new generation. Just in time to get that child or grandchild out of the house and...