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    Family daysailer vs 2nd Sunfish

    Probably thinking Fort Lauderdale because of all the bridges. You are correct. Cant go under the bridge (even if I get it tipped way on its side). Luckily, the other direction leads straight to the ocean.
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    Family daysailer vs 2nd Sunfish

    I only sailed the daysailer last year, probably since it was new to me. This year its definitely the fish's turn as I can wait to be closer to the water. Kind of like choosing between a sports car and an SUV. As an aside, I just inherited a 42 foot catamaran, for real!!! Slept on it the...
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    Sunfish never rigged for Main Block

    I have an older sunfish. The line goes from the mainsheet right to my hand. I use the hook only if I'm staying on the same course for a while and need a break or going straight downwind with the sail all the way out and the knot at the end of the line stopped with the hook (just be careful not...
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    Family daysailer vs 2nd Sunfish

    Just purchased the daysailer as a second boat (sailboat anyway). (2 years after posting!). It is a Mariner 17', a British knock off of an O'Day. Nice and wide, perfect for 2-6 adults. However, what a pain to rig as compared to the sunfish. I see why so many daysailers on my lake are only...
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    Best length for Sunfish tiller extension

    I replaced my damaged 24" wooden extension with a 36" battlestick (from intensity sails). I am purely recreation and I would not go any longer. As it is, it sometimes gets in the way when tacking.
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    old style rudder carriage bolt

    I lost my pre '72 carriage bolt for my rudder assembly. Not lost exactly as I know about where it is, its just under 10 feet of water. Research shows that its either 7 1/2 " or 8" and is 1/4" diameter. The boat is up at camp and I'd rather get the bolt now so I can sail as soon as I get up...
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    Is a new sunfish better?

    I have an older '60's sunfish. The rudder pops out frequently so I cant really lean over the side too much and trust it. Sail is worn, mast has a small corrosion hole in it, etc. I saw a really shiny nice 2 year old fish for sale for $2,000 that comes with a Seitech dolly. Assuming I've got...
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    Time for a new sail?

    How do you tell when its time for a new sail and what would a new sail do for me. Mine is original from 1969. It has small (less than 1/4 inch) holes that have been patched. The sail, when still, hangs about level with the spar. Does this mean its stretched out? My sailing is pure...
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    Wind speeds...

    I went out in 25 mph winds with 40mph gusts on my small lake. I was crazy. My rudder kept popping up so I could only go perpendicular to the wind with the sail all the way out (parallel to the wind) and I was still moving fast. I hit shore and jumped out. Broke my tiller and extension. If...
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    Noob question. Hand technique

    I bought the shorter extension from intensity. I filled in the hole in the tiller with resin then drilled new holes to mount the universal extension. I like it a lot, the swivel (rubber neck) allows me to angle it in any direction. However, It is a little longer than the old wooden extension...
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    New PVC Dolly!

    I built one almost identical. I used an old garden cart for the axel and wheels. The wheels are only 2" wide and hard rubber but it works on my hard packed gravel launch. the axel simply slid through the plastic pipe. I made a mistake and had the extension running parallel to the boards that...
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    The good along with the bad

    Looks just like my old tiller. I used gorilla glue then wrapped three plastic ties around it followed by wrapping duct tape around the whole thing. Probably overkill. Over the winter I used it as a template and made a whole new one out of scrap mahogany that I had. I found that on the old...
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    Hauling sunfish onto dock

    Very nice idea. Here is what NOT to do. I had been pulling my boat up "sideways" by leaning over the dock, grabbing onto the sides of the cockpit and pulling up. This has cracked the fiberglass on the inside. My boat is from the late 60s and worn. From now on, I'll grab the bowhandle.
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    New Style Rudder. What makes it better?

    I have the old style and it is a pain when the rudder pops up. It only pops when I need it the most-stiff breeze and turning into the wind. Also, when I hike out I always have to be ready to get back in just in case the rudder pops. that said, it would be cheaper to buy a used "newer" boat...
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    A question about 1979 Sunfish tiller...

    I broke my tiller extension sailing in high winds (45 mph gusts). I replaced it with a 30" battlestick and love it. its longer than the tiller extension but I like the fact that it moves much easier with the rubber swivel thing rather than a simple bolt. I epoxied the old hole and screwed the...