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    179175 for sale, great shape, race ready

    #179175, green and white, very good condition, three sails, full rig, top and bottom cover, pro rigging, spare boom, dolly, never damaged, race ready. $3500 without stainless steel kittyhawk trailer, $600 for trail Selling because I bought a VX One
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    2 great Lasers

    201321 like new with dolly and kitty hawk trailer, extra sails, carbon tiller, great blades and bag, ronstan ratchet block, ball bearing blocks, pro lines, compass, top and bottom covers, etc. - $5500 179174 VG condition with dolly, extra sails, carbon tiller, very good blades and bag, ronstan...
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    Laser storage racks

    Mike, a photo would be great!!!!!! Thanks a lot, Jerry
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    Laser storage racks

    Does anyone know of any racks that can be built that would allow the user to roll the laser on a rack while on a dolly? We are trying to make it easier for some of our less strong sailors to store their lasers! Thanks!