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    Want to Buy parts

    I have the parts your looking for except the rudder. You can see them in my post on this same classified under the name "Parting out Omega Capri" You can email me at
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    For Sale: Parting out Omega Capri

    Yes the rudder is still available. Please email me at
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    For Sale: Parting out Omega Capri

    Email me at
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    For Sale: Parting out Omega Capri

    I apolagize should be attached this time.
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    For Sale: Parting out Omega Capri

    Is this what your looking for?
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    For Sale: Parting out Omega Capri

    Pete, Just saw your post. I will not be home today. Will try to take a picture of what you want tomorrow and send back to you.
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    Wanted: Capri Omega mast foot

    Are you still looking for one of these?
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    For Sale:  Parting out Omega Capri

    Will sell entire boat or what ever parts you need. Make offer. No sails!! Rudder has already sold. Center board has delaminated and about 1/4 peeled off. All hardware is in fair shape. Ropes and cables all need replaced. Trailer has a broken board & tires will not make it down the driveway...
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    Capri OMEGA 14: Need information for this model

    pilot881 I would like to hear more about how the restoration is going. I have just acquired an Omega 14 with a serial # in the 1900's. I am a bit leary of the fiberglass because it feels brittle when I step into the boat i hear some cracking if I step on the seats. Is your in similar condition?