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    Laser Seitech Dolly & Padded Hull Cover For Sale

    Laser Seitech Dolly for sale...Mint Condition, Garaged...Only used 6x.... Boat was never left sitting on dolly.....Strap has no sag in it....It was hosed down after use...The boat is sold and the dolly must go too!!!...Please any reasonable offer....Paid $345 for it..... Laser Padded Hull...
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    1984 Laser "Blue Mist"

    As of June 6th 2006 Blue Mist has been sold..If anyone can tell me how to take the ad off the Laser Forum it would be of big help???...Or how to get in touch with someone that can help me would be great tooo... Chris
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    1984 Laser "Blue Mist"

    1984 Laser for sale "Blue Mist" (Name on transom) 1998 Sealion Trailer with bearing buddies, Never in water. Trailer is in Very Good to Excellent Condition. Has only been on the road a few times. Spare tire included. Cut for Laser fit. Boat includes: Extension tiller and original tiller...