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    "legalize" short Sunfish masts

    Sailcrafti, you might be right for your part of the country. Here on Mobile Bay, and on Mississippi Sound though, I don't see it. I'm out on the water two or three days a week, and the only other Sunfish I see out on the water are racers. Maybe it's a regional thing. It looks like we...
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    Reefing a Lateen Sail for Voyaging

    My sailmaker recommended a similar approach, and it does look promising.
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    "legalize" short Sunfish masts

    While I wouldn't use a short mast if I didn't have to, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to legalizing a shorter one since it would not give anyone an advantage. BUT that brings up two points worth discussing: 1. the poor support that Sunfish Laser is giving to the Sunfish Fleet, and 2. Are...
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    Reefing a Lateen Sail for Voyaging

    John.... I'm with you on this. On the coast where I'll be going, "waiting it out" is often not very appealing. A true reef is the only way to go. I had a long conversation with my sailmaker, and we've decided that a pie-shaped reef (like shown in the first picture I attached) only moves the...
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    Reefing a Lateen Sail for Voyaging

    Thanks all for your input. After reading all of your suggestions, I did a number of trials out in the bay under high-wind conditions. Last week-end we had a cold front come through, with 18-20 knot winds which was perfect for what I wanted to test. As I expected, none of the "class legal"...
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    Take 2 Sunfish—Make Catamaran?

    what a shame.... it looks like somebody put a lot of work into it.
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    Star Dancer

    That's easy: go to Intensity Sails or Annapolis Performance Sailing. Actually, both of them advertise on the forum, so you can just click on them when their ad pops up, or Google them. I like APS for most of my hardware parts, and Intensity for the sails.
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    Star Dancer

    James.... since I was outside workng on my boat this afternoon, I thought I'd do my one and only good deed for the week and measure my mast diameter. :D It's 2.25"...... and the vendor for masts' website also confirms it. SO.... I'd guess a standard Sunfish Endcap would work just fine. They...
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    1971 Sunfish Restoration Start to Finish (With Pictures)

    Good Work Garrett! It's great to see the old girl getting back into the dance. My first love was a '67 Sunfish.... and I still regret letting her go.
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    Star Dancer

    Kent.... are you sure about the mast diameter? I thought they were 2.25". (I guess I could go measure, but I'm too lazy.) James- Your mast is indeed a little shorter, but that should not be an issue. You can always tie the halyard a little lower on the boom. If your old mast breaks, a...
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    A Pile of Potentially Pickable Sunfish in Biloxi

    Kent.... no, I don't have a reliable contact there. I sent a message via the GYA, but have not yet heard back. I DID however go by there on Saturday. The boats are still piled up, waiting to be fixed up..... but nobody inside at the time could tell me anything other than yes they are...
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    Star Dancer

    That's not a bad looking little boat. Once fixed up, she should be great fun to sail. I'm not familiar with that model, but I have worked with a number of Sunfish clones through the years. If you could post some info about the rig, that would be helpful. Is it a lateen rig? How long are...
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    Deck Bungies (and sight lines)

    Since I need more storage space than a Sunfish normally has (for my planned voyage), I borrowed an idea from the Kayak people, and added bungie cords to my deck. Below is a pic: It was very simple: I added six pad-eyes and ran 20' of bungee cord through them. To make sure I didn't...
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    Another Cheap / Easy Sunfish Dolly

    Since my Sunfish launch sites often involve short portages across sand, dirt and rocks I decided to build myself a Beach Dolly. Here is what I came up with: It started life as a used wide-tired hand truck from the flea market ($30).... as shown in picture one. I simply hacked off the...
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    Sunfish Women's North American Championship

    Congrats Mindy! AND all of the participants. I'm glad to see the event was successful.